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Learn how to find the best rental properties in New Zealand from Lily Adrianne



Lily Adrianne, a model who hails from New Zealand, who is also shaking up the real estate market. The model got the idea after visiting Europe, where she discovered how powerful property investment can be. She has since been banking a cool $80,000 every month. In her quest to invest her money in more profitable ventures, she embarked on buying properties and has since bought 11 of them. The model explains that she bought her first property at the age of 24 and has never looked back. Having invested in the rental property market, she explains four essential features investors should look for.


#1: The Type of Neighborhood

Lily explains that the type of neighborhood you buy a property in determines the tenants you attract. Her first property was located in a posh neighborhood and attracted high-income clients. However, she found that some areas, especially those governed by home councils were strict on the type of conversions owners could make on the properties and attracted a specific type of buyers. After approaching an experienced realtor, she found that the best neighborhoods to invest in were those with a large portion of blue-collar employees. Typically, neighborhoods are classified into three:

  • A-Class: This kind has houses occupied by homeowners. They’re well maintained and make great homes to impress friends but may not be suitable investments
  • B Class: It makes up the largest range of properties as they serve the highest number of people in a community
  • C Class: This kind is often occupied by renters and often has a high crime and drug use rate. While the cash flow on these deals is high, features such as high crime rate may turn off some tenants from settling in these areas

#2: Vacancy Rate

An investor should consider the vacancy rate of a property before purchase. According to Lily’s experience requiring 60-90 days notice before a tenant vacates a home and charging high fines protects her from long vacancy periods. Also, an investor should find out the number of listings in a neighborhood. Investigate the cause of unusually high numbers of listing or long vacancy periods. This is because high vacancy rates prompt landlords to lower the rent, which means a longer time to realize returns on investments.


#3: Property Taxes

The rates vary significantly based on location. Great neighborhoods, for example, attract high property taxes despite attracting long-term tenants. It is worth the effort to do some research on how often local property taxes have increased in the past and if there are plans to increase them in the near future.


#4: Access to Social Amenities

A brief tour of the neighborhood should help you assess the available social amenities (gyms, parks, movie theaters, restaurants, and hospitals). These are some of the essential features tenants look for when renting a property.


Final Thoughts

Lily has found the four essential features above incredibly helpful in narrowing down good investment properties. She has used this system to buy 11 high-quality properties in the last year alone. Lily is excited to have a reliable source of income she can count and enjoy her financial freedom for years to come.



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