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The best free download sites of 2021 are here




Downloading out of control is possible through the best download site. To you series, software, animated, documentaries and films for free and a whole lot of other things by visiting the best download sites that I recommend to you and by pinning your favorites in the favorites. It’s over the hassle to find a site to download, from now on, you can be clever in the evening with my concrete references of the best download site.

We will set up a framework from the outset. I am doing an educational article with download sites that offer legal content and content that may be protected by copyright law . The latter is strictly prohibited , such as private copying from an unlawful source. I’m not coming into your ears to whisper anything in demon mode.

On the contrary: I decline all responsibility , if you use my article on the download links to do what should not be done, namely to download non-copyrighted works. I am talking to you about works free of rights, do not make me say what I never thought and which is prohibited. Take it for granted.

Another thing, my site has a similar article on the best torrent sites , like The Pirate Bay , the emblem of the most popular torrent sites. I recently updated it additionally. In this article, I am only focusing on Direct Download (DDL) to download movies, series, software, ebooks, games, etc.

The 10 best direct download sites
As with torrent sites, don’t blame me if a download site is down , these are things that often happen for a free download site. Here you have a list of the best download sites, the most popular, the most mentioned in the forums because the most shared in the world.

You will necessarily find your happiness in these free download sites . It’s always better to choose from the best download sites than to risk stumbling upon a page that will give you malware: , the best download site in terms of resistance (updated URL), former Libertyland
Zone-Directory , former Zone-Download and Zone-Download1
DDL Best (dead) (dead)
Note that it is quite common for a movie download site to change its domain name . Usually, he takes another with a fairly similar name. We find them quite quickly and quite easily. I don’t have a better download site, I have 4/5. It’s never good to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to a free download site

What exactly is DDL?
So, in the computer world, it’s a sign for a lot of things, but here we use DDL in the sense of Direct Download Link. Reformulate in French these are direct download links.

It is a downloading method which consists in drawing data from a specialized host . It is very successful because it escapes government surveillance aimed at protecting copyright.

Almost all hosts allow you to download for free, but of course you will do so under certain conditions. If you pay, you will be more free. Uploaded and Up-to box are well-known, reliable and well-stocked references. It’s good to know when to choose.

How to download with direct download site?
Frankly, it’s not difficult, otherwise, not as many people would indulge in it. I have prepared a little step-by-step tutorial for you, knowing that a free download site is worth another on its operating principle. And then, tell yourself that you will be guided from the moment you have chosen a file to upload to a site.

Click on one of the links from what you think is the best free download site for you from the list.
Choose a file to download using the search engine.
Click on download to be redirected to the host.
Choose where you want to save the file on your device.
The download will start after you confirm the registration.
Why subscribe to a file hosting provider?
Either you choose to download for free, then the download speed will be quite slow, or you subscribe to a premium account and you barely give you time to go to the bathroom before receiving your file.

It’s up to you to see, but you already know how the second formula would be more pleasant with unlimited speed . In addition, the difference does not end there. There are other restrictions related to free versions such as advertisements or a limited number of downloads in 24 hours.

A free download site needs to find a way to make money, it’s better to do it transparently and honestly , with premium versions, than in a roundabout way by stealing your data or bandwidth.

Other ways to download
There is another kind of popular free download site. These are torrents / P2P . It is a very efficient file sharing system. Unfortunately, he is closely watched by the law enforcement agencies. Fortunately, all you need to do is use a VPN to enjoy this activity safely. I invite you to read an article that I wrote on the subject to preserve your anonymity during your downloads .

And I take this opportunity to give you my favorite VPN providers for the protection of your privacy:

ExpressVPN – The champion
NordVPN – Best deal
Surfshark VPN
CyberGhost VPN
Private Internet Access VPN
There are also Newsgroups but this is not too topical anymore. However, ten years ago, it was a huge success. It must be said that it is a method which presents a certain level of security. You have to subscribe to download fragments of files in different groups, then reconstruct them with software. So your activity is untraceable.

Here, your best download site is necessarily in my list, you just have to find out. I feel that you are going to find some nuggets tonight!

Especially, if I forgot an important free download site in my list, let me know in the comments, I’m counting on you! Ditto if you have more recent info on one of the references I mentioned in my list of the best download sites.