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10 Best Pizza Deliveries in Business Bay, Abu Dhabi



The Business Bay area is one of the busiest and the posh regions of Abu Dhabi lying at the focal points of all public transits. This area is usually the hub, present at the intersection of Sheikh Zayed Road and 35th Street. These pizza outlets at Business Bay are perfect for taking your spirit broken by hunger and rejuvenating yourself with some lip-smacking dishes that will make you keep asking for more. If you are in the Business Bay, Abu Dhabi area, give these eateries a whirl!

  1. PizzaExpress Live

Pizza Express Live stems from the pure love for pizza. The inception story traces back to the founder Peter Boizot who was unhappy with the type of pizza that was being served in London and had the authentic pizza oven shipped from Italy, knocked down a wall to accommodate it into his small restaurant and opened the first-ever Pizza Express Live. Today, this pizza place is of great delight to many pizza lovers in Business Nay, Abu Dhabi, and satiates the soul craving for many!

  1. Weirdough

Weirdough offers a plethora of pizza choices which is highly refined in taste as well as its uniqueness. It is one of the fastest pizza deliveries in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With one of the most efficient services and delivery, Weirdough delights its customers with quirky pizza like Iduki Gold, Dhaba se, Trumped, Pirate Nibbles and many more. In addition to pizzas, it offers an array of dishes like pasta, salads, and appetizers.

  1. California Pizza Kitchen

First opened in Beverly Hills, the CPK is the result of the passion for food and need to bring to the table, high-quality pizza that will leave everyone speechless. It is the founding place of the Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Original BBQ Chicken which is cooked in an open-top kitchen. The café gave California a spot in the pizza pantheon close by Chicago and New York. Its California wind on worldwide flavors reverberated with visitors, and very quickly, CPK turned into a clamoring spot for business and family get-togethers and is now a sought-after pizza place in the bustling area of Business Bay in Dubai.

  1. MATTO – The Oberoi

MATTO Italian Restaurant stands firm against normality in cuisine. True to the Mediterranean lifestyle, it prepares the guests to be inundated in an Italian encounter, unlike any other. Get ready to be moved to the bustling roads of Italy as the sing-tune of Italian words fill the air, making ready for a gastronomically enticing dinner made in a kitchen deserving the highest of gallants. Serving a variety of typical Italian dishes with a side of devilishness, you’ll be learning Italian one bite (and hand motion) at a time. From mid-day breaks to supper dates, regardless of whether for business or delight, MATTO fits the dress for any event, anytime.

  1. Crumby Breakfast & Pizza

The inceptions of pizza Crumby go back to Italy in 1950, to Oncino a little mountain town in the territory of Cuneo close Turin. Crumby is a brand that consolidates taste with the estimations of convention and development by inviting clients in a warm and refined taste, somewhat like being at home in Italy and astounding them with flavors and fragrances that remind you: an inexpensive food and quality, committed to the individuals who have no time yet need to eat genuine made in Italy.

  1. Rossovivo

Rossovivo’s energy is for genuine pizza. This pizzeria endeavors to create pizza as per the first procedure created in Naples, to accomplish the most astounding principles. This implies raising the mixture for in any event 12hrs with the goal that it stays light and fresh. It likewise means bringing in oven blocks from Campania and expanding nearby a bona fide Forno Tradizionale Napoletano. It includes employing an honor winning pizza gourmet specialist from Naples. The restaurant utilizes no fake added substances, additives, or different peculiarities which once in a while advance into pizza.

  1. Freedom Pizza

Partnering with high-quality local companies and sources the freshest and most exquisite of pizza and offers a transparent look into the quality and the process of the pizza that is made. The customers can look in the ingredients, as well as the process, cutting out the middleman, and making the pizzas cost-efficient and high on quality.

  1. Positano – JW Marriott Marquis

Positano is a locale inexhaustible in fish, meat, vegetables, where produce and well-prepared gourmet specialists have made the absolute best-known Italian sustenance fundamentals. The visitors can encounter real beachfront Italian food without leaving Dubai, directly here in Positano café. Stop by to appreciate delightful fish, high-quality pasta, pizza and custom made gelati, created by its group of gifted culinary experts. It has been the recipient of:

  • Best Italian Restaurant 2017 – BBC Good Food Middle East
  • Best Italian Restaurant 2016 – BBC Good Food Middle East
  1. 800Pizza

On 8 March 2007, the first branch of 800PIZZA was opened in the zone of Al Barsha, Duba.   A mere sprout in its inception, it contained the Italian proprietor’s pride and bliss, a veritable high-quality wood-consuming stove flown in the right from “The Boot” of Southern Europe.

800PIZZA’s energy and want to share a sample of authentic Italian food with individuals in the Middle East is, without a doubt, the way to its prosperity. With new branches always opening all over the UAE and abroad, 800PIZZA has demonstrated its greatness in the food business and has assembled a brand perceived by numerous individuals as the leading name in customary and bona fide Italian pizza. The restaurant offers classic Margherita, Classic Pesto, and many other additional items like salads and pasta.

  1. Sheikh & Shake

As quirky as its name, the Sheikh & Shake is the best fast food eatery in the Business Bay area, offering an array of food items and of course, delectable pizza as well. It is primarily known for its quick-cooking and delivery to nearby areas. The bustling area often converges at this diner for a break and some delicious pizza.


So here you are, with the list some of the best pizza deliveries in Business Bay. Have any favorites? Let us know!