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What You Need to Know About Police Brutality?



What You Need to Know About Police Brutality?

Police brutality can be in many forms. This is why it is important for you to understand what police brutality exactly is so that you can take the right action early on. It is vital for you to know that you have a constitutional right to take action against police brutality and that in any situation whatsoever, police brutality is not warranted.

Types of Police Brutality

Police brutality can be in many forms such as use of excessive force, abuse, beatings with police batons, misuse of pepper spray or chemical, the use of lethal guns like beanbag guns, choking holds, restraint of persons with hog-ties, putting an individual in a position where their breathing is impaired and making use of tasers without any justified reason to do so. This is when you need the best Police Brutality Lawyers near me to help you out and seek justice.

Take Action against Unlawful Behavior by Police Officers

There is no justification for unlawful behavior on part of the police force. They have no right to use excessive force which results in a serious injury or wrongful death. It is important to contact the best lawyer as it helps ensure that forensic investigators, law enforcement experts, medical specialists and other experts work together so that you receive justice.

Wrongful death victims and those individuals that have been seriously injured need to contact a lawyer to ensure that their voice is heard and not ignored.

The media has played a significant role in bringing police brutality to the attention of the masses and not just those in power. Law enforcement officers need to be held accountable for their actions and when they make use of excessive force. According to the constitution, excessive force is strictly prohibited and victims are entitled to filing a federal civil rights lawsuit to seek justice. The constitution ensures that the rights of those individuals has been protected who are harmed by any type of unconstitutional use of force by the law enforcement officers.


The victims of police brutality have a right to seek compensation for the abuse of power and misuse of force. The legal process ensures that your rights are protected. One can seek compensation for any of the surviving family members.

Various factors will need to be considered when deciding how to bring about the case for police brutality. The strategy is vital and an experienced lawyer will ensure that the strategy is effective. There are certain questions which the lawyer will consider as mentioned below.

  • The suit should be filed against whom?
  • Where to file the suit (the federal court or the state court?
  • Should the surviving family members sue individually or should the estate of the victim do so in case where excessive force led to the death of the individual?


If you or anyone you know has been a victim of police brutality, then it is important for you to come forward by hiring a lawyer to help you. Many lawyers do not charge until post-compensation which is why it is important for you to seek justice. There are also many pro-bono clinics that offer low cost or free of cost services.