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12 Ways to Promote Your Business with Stickers



Promotional Marketing

When it comes to marketing, most companies are now turning to digital methods. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly saturated with business ads, not to mention expensive, so it might be a good idea to study unconventional promotional methods

Stickers are highly underrated when it comes to their potential to increase brand awareness, and they are also extremely profitable

Here are four great ways to advertise with custom stickers.

Connect your social network

Printing your social media identifiers on a tag is a great way to organically grow your audience

You can even print a QR code on the label, so people can instantly scan it and be sent to your social channels, website, or other landing page.


Introduce new products

If you have a new product or launch, why don’t you label it? Get a little hype by creating some die-cut singles and gift them to every customer who buys

You never know where these stickers will end up – you’d be amazed at how many actual “prints” they get.

Guerrilla marketing

Looking to reach a new audience? Guerrilla marketing is an effective tactic for the stealthier advertiser

Print information about your business, or details of an upcoming sale on a label, and stick it where your heart desires (within the law, of course!)

Ideally, place them in high traffic areas, to reach as many people as possible. Just make sure to use a removable adhesive, so it doesn’t cause any damage.


Mark that bumper

The bumper stickers are classic and timeless. Create some fun branded bumper stickers to cover your own car, or gift them to friends or family.

The bumper stickers last for many years and besides, you are driving your car everywhere. Why not take advantage of the free marketing opportunity?

These are just a few ideas, but the options for using stickers to promote your business are endless. Time to get creative …

Why do you need stickers?

Knowing why you need stickers will make ordering easier. This will help you answer the question .What do I want to print on the stickers?


  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Business values
  • Slogan
  • Catchy phrase
  • Promotional stickers, discount codes or with offers

How to promote your business using custom stickers


Starting a business is really complicated given the existence of a wide and varied catalog of companies in any of the chosen sectors.

But it is even more difficult to get home and become the top company on the list. This is where advertising comes into play . This can make us reach the top or be forgotten forever.

There are countless advertising methods and techniques aimed at promoting a business, but one of those that is gaining popularity are the well-known personalized stickers .

What are custom stickers?

Personalized stickers are part of what is known as corporate stationery or company stationery and are mainly intended to capture the attention of the public or the buyer.

One of the advantages of this new form of advertising is the possibility of choosing different sizes, colors and prints, and even shapes.


In addition, as with the typical stickers, these are already cut and pasted on a paper by the printing company, which makes it easy to take off and fix it to any surface.

Taking up so little space and being so handy, personalized stickers have become an indispensable weapon for many companies to find new customers.

Above all, thanks to how affordable they are for all budgets, since this new advertising technique is intended not only for large companies but also for freelancers and small and medium-sized companies.

Personalized stickers in business marketing

As with corporate folders, personalized stickers have established themselves as one of the main marketing tools for companies.

Its striking and simple shape, which can be adapted to the taste of the business, and the economic budget necessary for its printing, make it a great value when building a business.

However, the success of the advertising campaign does not lie solely in how fun or interesting these stickers can be, but in the deliberate use made of them. A proper use of these will open a world of infinite possibilities to reach the public.

The most important part of a sticker marketing campaign is actually deciding what these advertising tools are going to target. Depending on the type of business you have, the stickers should be oriented to this sector of the population.

It is true that the purpose of advertising is to attract the largest number of customers. However, focusing on the goal will greatly help the growth of the business.

Once the audience has been decided, it will be necessary to determine the shape, size and message as well as the design that these stickers should follow.

For this, it is advisable to hire a graphic design professional who is capable of capturing everything that the company is looking for.


Likewise, you have to think about what type of stickers the public to whom the advertising is directed wants. That is, what would they like to wear on their personal belongings? To do this, finding a printing company that meets all these requirements is also essential.

An example of this is Microprint, which has a wide variety of sizes to print personalized stickers.

One of the most popular models today are die-cut stickers, made of vinyl and very durable. These are more attractive to the public and allow you to choose different forms based on the activity carried out by the company.

Once the entire process of designing, making and printing the stickers is finished, the turn of another of the key points in an advertising campaign begins: distribution.

The most common thing is to deliver them by hand in one of the company’s establishments (if it had them) or on the street. However, given the purpose is to reach as many customers as possible, it is essential to devise original form of distribution.

Some option may be to leave them placed on the windshield, integrate them in all orders and shipments that are made or through small gifts from the company.

Remember that the stickers should always be of the highest possible quality, as customers will realize the nature of the materials used and decide if it is really worth investing in the business in question.

A good marketing campaign using personalized stickers can be a real success as long as it manages to convey the right confidence to attract and maintain all customers.

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