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14 Comfortable Landscape designs for your Summer House



Before you decide to build a house, there are many factors to consider, one of which is adjusting the house to the climate in the country you live in, with the right materials and a comfortable architectural design. Well, today we have a beautiful home inspiration, which can help you to have a comfortable home for any weather. 

1. Resort Style House

This small wooden house brings a resort style to the architectural design. This house uses wooden walls as the main material for the wall design, which is sweetened with a unique window display. The wooden floor was chosen to provide comfort in summer and rain. Moreover, a joint roof is added in the front area, to protect from the rain so that the children can play and you can sit relaxed under it.

2. Stone Wall Makes Your Home Closer To Nature

This one-story house has a simple structure, but looks very good. With the overall composition, the architect chose to use a medium-sized stone wall. While the window frames and roof use wood. These two materials are very good when they are combined.

Just look at the terrace, which is like a stage and made of wood, it really makes this landscape design so comfortable. To enjoy the day, we just sit back and relax on the terrace and you can enjoy the beautiful view from up here.

3. Wooden House With Open Space

This is a one-story wooden house with an open concept. The air inside the house is very good, because the house is surrounded by glass walls and sliding doors. Inside, there is no partition wall, which allows homeowners to relax maximally and see the meadow area. Oh yes, the house is raised a bit and there is a half meter area to sit around the house. It’s cool, the minimalist concept in this Japanese-style house, which looks at one with nature.

4. Contemporary Thai Style Wooden House

This multi-storey house combines modern style with a contemporary Thai house style that is so beautiful. The roof for parking at the bottom is also very unique, by piling a wooden roof with two pillars on both sides. The overall look is so homey, with modern glass walls and beautiful wooden frames.

5. White House With A Modern Touch

This one house makes us feel like living in a chic beach house. The two-story white building complements the spacious terrace, where all activities can be done here. The entrance is a sliding glass door, which makes the house open and has a lot of air. The most attractive area is definitely the large swimming pool for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing.

6. Tiny House Close to Nature

So pretty! This tiny house is surrounded by meadows, with a view of the hill right in front of the house. The shape is so elegant by combining stone walls, wood and a warm brown color combination. One thing that makes this house look comfortable for relaxation in summer and spring is the open space and the placement of chaise longues in the yard.

7. Simple and Beautiful Wooden House

This house has a gable or gable roof which is suitable for tropical homes. This allows the house to transfer and have good air. Then the front of the house is made open with a hinged door to get maximum air. Plus the use of wood will also help you to relax while enjoying a comfortable atmosphere.

8. Simple Minimalist Style

If you are looking for a home design that is not complicated but still comfortable, this house design is ideal for you. The layout of the house can be said to be simple, with the dominance of white color and open space style. Without the need for a lot of furniture, the house already looks stunning! There is a spot for grilling on the terrace area, and a large courtyard, perfect for young couples.

9. Elegant 2-Story Minimalist House

This brown two-story house is designed for the comfort of family members. The layout is made very simple, where all rooms have the right function. In the room is also not made a lot of insulation. If there are many existing partitions, it makes it seem cramped and uncomfortable.

10. Home with a Cozy Terrace

If you want to make the house more comfortable, then you can add a garden in front or behind the house. Like this house, you can also apply the idea to build a terrace with a wooden deck, which can be enjoyed in the summer. The result, looks comfortable and beautiful, right?

11. Vintage Style House

The shape of the roof and the color of this house make you feel warm in winter. Take a look at the terrace and garden, it’s very beautiful. Yup, by making a simple garden design , your home will look beautiful. You also have to choose the right plants for your home.

12. Charming Traditional House

This house is suitable for all seasons, from summer, rain and cold. Most of the houses are made of wood and concrete, and also have room for summer activities. To add to the elegance of the traditional style, in front of the house there is a warm room, and an artistic roof is built .

13. Houses With High Ceilings

This one-story house beautifies its layout by placing stairs in front and on the side of the house. The ceiling is also made high and dominated by white, which makes the room wider. What caught our attention was the family room which was placed on the outside terrace. But it turns out to be no less comfortable and looks artistic. Interested in trying it?

14. Wooden House Surrounded by Trees

Two-story wooden house with open space will make you relax in summer. The use of wood makes us feel close to nature. Moreover, this house is so cool, because it is covered with trees around the house. Take a look at the terrace; the floor uses wood as well to create more space for family members, so they can do a lot of outdoor activities.