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2019 A3C Festival Winner, Taz Tikoon is making waves with her new EP .”WAV Goddess”



Taz Tikoon

2019 A3C Festival Winner, Tidemillionaire Taz Tikoon is making waves with her new EP .”.WAV Goddess” Taz was born and raised in VA; the home of legendary music icon Pharrell, who created the Something in the Water Festival in 2019. .WAV Goddess was totally inspired by water & every song on the track list was named after water.

Bruce Lee’s infamous quote; “be like water”, became the daily mantra Taz chanted to help her preserver though any obstacles she came across while running life her marathon.

Throughout Taz’s creative process, her mission is to identify the narrative in her life and deliver a conceptual piece of timeless art so that her fans and supporters can go on her journey with her.

After the highly successful release of Taz’s “Mentally iLL” EP in 2019; she became a mental health advocate & traveled the country and spoke to over 20K students and teachers on the importance of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

Mentally iLL was created to pay homage to Taz’s friends who took their own lives, and inspire others to boldly and unapologetically share their truths so that they can get the help they need.

.WAV Goddess serves as the transformation, cleanse and rebirth of Taz with her impeccable storytelling abilities with intricate bars.

The pristine production beautifully uplifts her impressive abilities as the artist embraces her melodic variety with style and grace. The songs are faultless and are equipped with original sound and sonic elements that flow rhythmically to sound incredibly addictive. In addition, this was Taz’s first time co producing on her ep and she plans to produce more for herself and others in the future. For more information on Taz, follow her on all social media platforms @tazmaniashow and visit her website

Be like water and download .WAV Goddess on all platforms now! #Somethinginthewater

.WAV Goddess Album link

WAV Goddess Tracklist
1. Holy Water (feat. Kia J)
2. Reign Checc (feat. Corey Benjamins)
3. Brainstorm
4. Wet (feat. Sosa)
5. Drip Splash

Watch Taz’s DripSplash performance here