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3 Great Ways to Get Rid of Roaches and Mosquitoes



Roaches and mosquitoes are the most common pets around the world. Everyone wants to get rid of it and the most unwelcome guests in the house. Whenever we see a roach in house, atomically we thought of, how to get rid of it. It is probably the most irritating and unpleasant creature on the earth. They are scary, carry disease with them and also linked to the dirty environment.

Mosquitoes are tiny creatures and are quite unpleasant. These tiny creatures become most irritating in the summer season.

It is quite important to know that not only these tiny creatures destroy goods but also cause some serious diseases. So, it is important to get rid of them as earlier as it could be. In this way, you might know some ways to get rid of it.

Getting rid of roaches:

If you witness some roaches in your house and you are thinking to start a fight to get rid of it, you should know the easier ways. Some of the easier methods are as follows:

  • Sugar and Baking Soda:

The mixture of sugar and baking soda is the most effective and simple. This mixture can help killing roaches effectively and also would help to decrease their population. What only you need to do is to plant this mixture where roaches could eat it. It is important to notice where these roaches are hiding out.

  • Boric Acid: 

You can buy it from any store near your house or online stores. It would be the best solution to getting rid of roaches and also effective for other tiny creatures living in your house. It is most effective in killing roaches and other creatures. This is most proven to be most effectively and widely used around the world. it is important to note that you should take some security measures while using it because it is not safe for consumption. You also need to keep it away from children. It is a form of poison and may have a long dangerous effect on health. If you spry boric acid on roaches, it will be killed. Some important things to use are:

  • Only a little amount of quantity of boric acid is enough to kill roaches
  • When wet, it is not effective.
  • Bay leaves:

It is possible that you have soft spot for roaches and you do not want to kill them instead only want to let them go out of your house. For this purpose, you can use bay leaves as the best natural repellents for roaches. Bay leaves are natural and are not harmful to humans anyway.

Other effective ways to get rid of roaches are:

  • Lemon peel
  • Lemon juice
  • Coffee trap
  • Diatomaceous earth

Before applying these above-discussed methods to kill roaches, you need to attract them. To attract roaches following things can be used.

  • Food
  • Moisture
  • Shelter

Getting rid of mosquitoes

  • Coffee ground:

It is the most simple and effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes. What you need to do is to mix in water in your environment. By doing this mosquitoes eggs will die because of deprived of oxygen.

  • Camphor:

You can spry camphor to kill mosquitoes. Make sure to close windows and doors before spraying it.

  • Citronella oil:

It will probably the most effective way of getting rid of mosquitoes. There are different ways to use citronella oil

  • You can spray this oil in the environment
  • You can apply it on your body
  • You can put it into a candle and light up the candle
  • Rosemary:

This is one of the widely used methods. You need to gather some stalks of it and burn it its smell would be effective to keep away mosquitoes.

  • Garlic:

Usually, mosquitoes got irritated by the smell of garlic. You need to do is to boil garlic cloves in water for a few seconds and then spray it in the environment to get rid of mosquitoes.

Other effective ways to keep mosquitoes away are:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Beer
  • Peppermint
  • Soybean oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lilac oil
  • Dry ice


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