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3Mind Blight Releases Can’t You See



Tulsa’s 3Mind Blight, the renowned creative and genre-blending indie artist of our time, redirects things once more for a boldly poignant, explosive and deeply personal hard-rock single.     Spotify Song link

Openly proclaiming a state of lostness, ‘Can’t You See’ adopts a heavy metal presence with hypnotic guitars and the raw crash of a contemporary drum-line. With this, the unmistakable voice of 3Mind Blight pours through, promising equal parts intimacy and outright intensity -‘Sometimes I feel like I’m someone else, with no way to be me…’.

From contemplative verses to the sheer power and scream of the hook, ‘Can’t You See’ calls out for understanding, for some kind of confession or even retribution in the face of suffering at the hand of another.

The hook is simple, striking, and unforgettable – ‘Can’t you see all that you’ve done to me?’ roars out from amidst the warm yet heavy compression and pulse of the track. It repeats and resounds, connecting for the undeniable weight and pain in the delivery, and all of this is reinforced by the crisp, chaotic yet captivating and immersive nature of the music.

With dozens of original tracks to his name, ranging from story-telling hip hop to acoustic gems and inescapable heavy metal, 3Mind Blight forever proves unpredictable yet fearlessly authentic. The new release speaks volumes on behalf of this, and ultimately sees him circle back towards the style that initially defined him. On arrival, he commits unequivocally to the moment, and lays bare a sense of vulnerability, fear and isolation that’s profoundly engaging.

Whatever the genre, style, pace, energy or intention, the voice of 3Mind Blight, in both timbre and lyric, stands out by a mile. This ability to transcend genre is a quality unique to this artist, a trait he has mastered time and time again, and ‘Can’t You See’ displays the peak of this in a bold and beckoning manner. Furthermore, the brutal and revealing honesty of the song re-enforces Blight’s ever-growing, unbreakable bond with his audience.