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4 Facts You Might not Know about Breast Augmentation Surgery



There can be a lot of reasons why women want to undergo breast augmentation procedure other than just getting bigger and busty boobs. If you are one of them who are dealing with issues like uneven breast, lose in volume after pregnancy, breast lose after cancer, etc. then you can benefit a lot from this procedure. Don’t worry, both the silicone and saline breast implants are safer than ever, all thanks to the latest surgical techniques and implant options.

These surgical options can help women get the look they have always wanted to achieve and also improve their self-confidence. However, many people still think that women get breast implants just to make their boobs appear larger than before. Here are some of the facts you might not know about this surgery. To learn about them, be sure to stick to this article!

1.      Even Out Naturally Asymmetrical Breasts

You feel it or not, but every woman has some degree of breast asymmetry. But for many women, the difference in their breast size and shape is embarrassingly noticeable. Plus it also makes their shopping for a bathing suit, bra, and even clothing very difficult. Breast augmentation surgery has proven to be extremely beneficial for women that have noticeably uneven breasts. This surgery helps in evening out naturally asymmetrical breasts. It is up to you which breast implant shape, size, and profile you want to go with as per breast. The good news is, after getting this surgery done, your bra, bathing suits, and clothes will fit perfectly on you.

2.      Boost Self-Confidence

Living in a world where you feel less confident about your body isn’t a place any woman wants to live in. Constantly feeling insecure about the body and feeling you don’t measure up to other women can highly affect one’s self-confidence. Imagine not having to choose a dress because your body doesn’t look in that outfit just because your boobs are too small or uneven. Having a fuller and even boobs doesn’t mean that you can wear anything, it simply makes it easier not to hide your insecurity anymore. It is the reason why so many women skew more towards undergoing cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation to feel better about themselves.

3.      Better Sex Life

Another content consequence of breast augmentation for women is that it can help improve their sex life. Many ladies feel that their boobs aren’t as gorgeous as they’d like them to be. So, it becomes one of those reasons why they don’t date. Yes, you heard it right! According to a recent study, after women get breast implants, they tend to enjoy a spicier sex life and are more satisfied with it after the surgery. The study has reported that women experience higher levels of desire and arousal after they had the procedure. However, the study has also found that women who get stretch marks after the surgery did not experience any progress in their sex life. Find out more about breast implants by visiting the Dr Eddy Dona website.

4.      Breast Reconstruction after a Mastectomy

For women, breast cancer is the most challenging diseases to deal with both emotionally and physically. Though a mastectomy is a life-saving treatment for this cancer, it can leave women hopeless about if they ever going to regain their appearance or not. A post-mastectomy breast augmentation procedure can be a ray of hope for such women. This reconstructive surgery can make them feel complete again by restoring their breasts. This surgery can be performed by using a woman’s own body tissue or breast implants.