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4 Key Products for the Elderly



The elderly population is growing around the world at a considerable rate. Today approximately 8.5% of the global population (or 617 million people) are aged 65 or over. This remarkable increase in the proportion of elderly people has been due to advances in modern medicine and the increasing public awareness of how to stay healthy and eat a balanced diet, among other factors. An increasing number of manufacturers and companies now offer products that are specifically aimed at the older generation. In this article we look at 4 key products for the elderly and how they can be used to help them lead safer, healthier and happier lives.

1. Personal alert systems

Elderly people are at a higher risk of injury due to slip trips and falls and can often lie in prone positions for several hours if they live alone and suffer such an accident. Modern personal alert devices allow care providers to regularly check in with their elderly service users and can remotely detect a lack of movement over prolonged periods of time which may indicate that a fall has taken place. In addition, these products tend to have buttons on the units that are pressed by the elderly person if they have had a fall or are feeling unwell. This can proactively alert the care provider to send a member of care staff to assist them. Here are some of the best personal alert systems for elderly people.

2. Products to help elderly people eat

Elderly people who have suffered from strokes or have some forms of dementia may find that they struggle to swallow food effectively. This is because of dysphagia where the complex system of swallowing is essentially “forgotten” by the brain and body after a stroke or dementia damages the brain. Products such as SimplyThick Easy Mix are effective solutions to this problem and work by making food and drink products thicker and therefore easier to swallow. In mild and moderate cases of dysphagia this can allow the elderly to consume food in a normal fashion as opposed to the need to receive nutrition via intravenous methods and offers a way to keep their quality of life high.

3. Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are a piece of technology that can be traced back to 1595 where the first recorded use was for Philip II of Spain by an unnamed inventor. Today wheelchairs are a vital piece of equipment for millions of elderly people who have found that their increasing mobility problems result in it being no longer safe to walk around. The wheelchair can be integral in allowing the elderly to retain their independence and can allow them to remain at home well into later life if there are no other significant health concerns.

4. Shower chairs

Shower chairs are another practical solution to offer independence for the elderly generation. Whilst being a simple seating design they allow older people to sit whilst having a shower and thus greatly reduce the risk of falls and slips. They are an inexpensive solution to the problems posed by reduced mobility and can be key additions to the home.


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