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4 Types of House Roof Shingles That Will Look Amazing



When building a house it is essential that the roof has quality materials, withstands climatic changes and even withstands the passage of time. It will be the architect’s job to choose between the types of roof tiles that the market offers, depending on the style, design and budget available.

Currently there are many varieties of roof tiles for houses that can cope with the summer heat and the rains or winds that occur in cold seasons. If the foundations or bases of a construction are important, Roof tiles, elegance and protection

The tile is – par excellence – the one chosen to cover constructions of different types. As for its shapes, there are those that are curved, smooth or flat. There are also regular and irregular ones, among others.

What to consider before choosing?
It is most important to choose the best roof for your home, therefore top rated mesquite, tx roofing company suggest these four aspects that will help in the decision:

  • Is the ceiling sloping or not? What kind of inclination does it have?
  • What style or image do you want to give to the house or construction?
  • Does the area rain a lot or is there wind? Are there heavy snowfalls or extremely hot months?
  • What is the budget assigned to use in roofs?

Get to know here some of the roofs that can be perfect for your next project or the construction of your home.

Types of tiles that will transform a house

1 – Asphalt tiles
They are one of the most widely used not only for their great aesthetic appeal, but also for being easy to install. The shingles are made based coated glass fiber with high strength and asphalt selected minerals. In the case of Landmark shingles, for example, they are made in the USA by Certainteed, and feature state-of-the-art technology and strict quality standards.

There are asphalt tiles that have different amounts of layers, and their warranty varies between 20 to 50 years depending on the tile. Another point to highlight is that it protects the roof from inclement weather, making it resistant to water seepage inside the construction.
In addition, if you want to sell the house, you can increase its value because asphalt shingles provide excellent finishes and are visually perfect adapting to the style.

2 – Roofs of houses: Colonial tiles
Some prefer to call this is a style traditional tiles. They have been used for many years and are made of clay or clay. They are wavy and are placed one upwards and the other facing downwards. As they are installed, they form a row. The main thing is that like other types of tiles, they achieve that if it rains, the water goes to the ground.

3 – Roof tiles for houses: Arabic tiles
They are characterized by being curved and more than anything they are found in homes or buildings that are several years old. They may require further maintenance or replacement, if necessary. The downside is that if one of the tiles breaks, the water can seep and leak into the house.

4 – Fiber cement roof tiles
As the name implies, unlike other types of roof tiles, fiber cement tiles are made with cement and a combination of organic and inorganic fibers. They are easy to apply, rust resistant and impact resistant. Another of their characteristics is that they are fireproof tiles.
Now you know some of the types of roof tiles! If you are building or doing reforms at home, we advise you so that you have the ideal tiles and materials to give guarantee and durability to the project.