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5 attractive ideas for cupcake packaging



We don’t know anybody who is not in love with tiny yummy pieces of baked goodness named, cupcakes. Your mouth must be watering by now. But if you are thinking to start your own business of cupcakes, it needs something more than delicious cupcakes.

The first thing to look for after perfecting the recipe is custom cupcake boxes. It does not mean that you can just get any boxes and put the cupcakes and you are done. The more creative your custom cupcake packaging is there are more chances of sweets tooths getting attracted to your business.

You need to go to someone who is an expert custom cupcake boxes manufacturer. But before contacting a professional it is always better to do your research. Here are some ideas for you that can help you elevate your baking business in days.

Boxes with Logo Print

These are the most basic custom cupcake boxes. A logo is designed during the plan of the business so you already have it by the time you are getting your custom cupcake packaging. All you have to do is get the boxes with nice colors and get your logo printed on them. There can be creative design around the logo that would be another eye grabber. You can get one box design for everything or can go for different designs for occasions.

In these boxes color matters the most, it would be better to go for pastel colors. These colors create a classic yet modern feel. A little splash of bright color is fine but colors too loud can take the attention away from the cupcakes and you don’t want that.

Clear Packaging

If your cupcakes are aesthetically too pleasing and they need to be shown from the packaging then you should go for clear boxes. The box would show all the yumminess to onlookers so that they could not resist. These custom cupcake boxes will entice potential customers from far away.

Clear boxes can be cost-effective as they are very cheap. It can be your best friend while starting a new business. You can customize them with immense ease. They can be decorated with ribbon ties and a sticker with the logo of your bakery can make it yours. Anything you would put on a clear box would become part of the packaging. If you are a home business then you can order them off the internet too, they are that easy.

Custom Designed Boxes

These boxes need a lot of attention from you. You can hire custom cupcake boxes manufacturer companies for this. These boxes can be as creative as you want because they are made in order.

There is a huge range of box shapes and designs you can explore. The boxes can be in the shape of birdhouses, cars, or anything you want. If your business focuses on events like birthdays and bridal showers then this can be the most beneficial decision you can take. People love customized boxes of different shapes. Custom cupcake boxes with amazing cupcakes are key to the success of your business.

Single Serving Boxes

Single-serving custom cupcake boxes are the cutest little things on this planet. You can use clear plastic single-serving cups for this purpose too. These cups can turn out to be kids’ most favorite deals in your shop. The boxes can be decorated specially for kids too with glitters and paints. You can also offer kids to customize their own cups to add a little more fun. Not only cupcakes, for some customized stationery have your logo embossed at StationeryXpress, I am sure your kids will love it! People who are on diet and do not want to ruin it by buying a whole box would love your single-serving boxes. It will satisfy their craving and not ruin their diet.

Packaging for Mini Cupcakes

Mini cupcakes are loved by everyone these days. The best thing about them is that you can play with their packaging as much as you want. Custom cupcake packaging for mini ones is easier than you think.

You can use old egg trays to put the mini cupcakes and decorate them. Believe us they will look cute as a button. These egg slots fit mini cupcakes so perfectly that it looks like they are made for each other.

If you have enough budget then you can take the assistance of some custom cupcake boxes manufacturer. These are professional and can help you come up with the designs of your dreams.

Let’s do this

The kind of custom cupcake boxes you choose for your business can decide the fate of your business, so think wisely and act creatively. Put all the ideas on the table and make the best custom cupcake packaging. Remember ribbons and stickers are your best friends and will always be a great addition to the packaging. With all this information you can start off with  your cupcake packaging design tight now. So, Best of luck!