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5 Secrets to Creating A Successful Website That Will Convert Sales For Your Business



In order to generate more prospects in the course of your commercial and marketing activities, your website must be considered as a privileged medium. For a brand, a website is one of the most precious tools for sales and marketing. But, in the end, few sites are really exploited for their potential to generate prospects.

Perhaps the people in charge of marketing in your organization are wondering where to start? The good news is that Phoenix AZ Web Design Company turning your website into a lead generation machine for your business. Without consuming a lot of resources and time, most websites really only need a series of strategic adjustments in order to successfully switch from an obsolete online brochure to a repeatable and scalable system for producing new ones potential customers. Here are 5 secrets to creating a successful website that will convert sales for your business.

  1. Add a CTA (Call To Action) button to your home page

The home page of your website is, as in most cases, the most visited page. It is one of your most important digital marketing assets. To increase its lead generation potential, simply try adding a Call to Action (CTA) button or banner that tells website visitors what to do next.

  1. Add conversion points for prospects at all stages

In an ideal world, all prospects would be qualified for sale and ready to buy now. But the reality is that most of your target audience will not be ready to talk to salespeople by the time it lands on your website. So give your visitors something they are ready to receive. Start by identifying what the buyer’s journey looks like, what types of questions he might ask, what types of problems he is trying to solve before you want to talk to a seller.

  1. Addition of a “Portal” on existing content

Many companies already have quality content developed and available on their websites. To maximize the lead generation potential of these assets, try to place each piece of content behind a “portal”, that is, a landing page with a form. Use the home page to promote your content and describe the added value the visitor will receive by downloading the document.

  1. Add validation elements

Adding elements to your website that establish the credibility of your brand is a great way to improve the lead generation performance of your site. By including references from companies like Phoenix Arizona Web Design you have worked with and convincing customer testimonials of your products and services, visitors will feel informed and validated in their decision-making process.

Written testimonials from satisfied customers are a plus for any website. Video testimonials from satisfied customers are even better. Remember to include the name, company and title of your ambassador when you can. If privacy rules prohibit you from naming specific people or companies, you can use a generic format.

  1. Add custom content

Thanks to marketing automation or other technologies, it is now relatively easy for marketers to structure a website so that it presents specific and personalized content to certain groups of visitors. For example, you may want to display a different message for new site visitors so that they return. Or you may want to promote a certain supply of content to those who work in the banking industry, while manufacturing contacts should see something else.

You can also designate the content to be displayed based on criteria such as the source of the user’s website visit or the type of device the person uses to access your site. For example, you might want to increase the level of your social media sharing buttons for visitors who access your site via Facebook or Twitter. You can also remove redundant items when visitors access your website using a smartphone rather than from a desktop computer. The possibilities are endless and need to be tailored to your overall marketing strategy and goals.