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5 shrubs suitable for dogs: the best plants to plant around your dog



There is a lot to consider when planting trees or plants. You need to consider soil pH, planting distance, sun exposure, and several other factors before heading to your garden center.

And if you’re a four-legged pet owner, you’ll have more to consider. You don’t want to bring poisonous plants into your garden, nor too delicate to withstand your dog’s needs outside.

We’re going to try to help you decorate your backyard by sharing 5 dog friendly hedges and shrubs that won’t signify a threat to your dog and are sturdy enough to coexist with canines.

5 shrubs suitable for dogs in gardens

Each of these 5 shrubs is a great alternative for dog owners.

They are all registered as non-toxic to dogs by the ASPCA, so they shouldn’t cause serious illness if your dog decides to munch on the leaves or flowers.

Keep in mind that any type of plant substance can interfere with your dog’s intestines and that some dogs are more sensitive to the plant substance. In the event that you discover that your dog is biting plants, watch him and be sure to contact your vet when the dog begins to show signs of trouble.

  1. Tropical hibiscus

There are a few hundred species of plants in the genus Hibiscus, but the majority of those you’ll see in garden centers are Chinese hibiscus cultivars (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). Hibiscus are shrubs that grow to tree proportions, so make sure you have enough space for all of those gorgeous plants.

Plants should not pose a risk to your dog; the flowers of several varieties are edible.

  1. Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles are best described as trees than shrubs, but they are easy to grow with regular pruning. This means that you can prune them regularly to keep them small in size.

Regardless of how you prune them and how tall you allow them to reach, this is a great selection for gardens that accept pets. Crepe myrtles are sturdy and strong, and they are completely safe for dogs.

  1. Hawthorn

You will find a number of hawthorns of the genus Crataegus which make excellent garden trees. There are many varieties available which are often used for hedges. Hawthorns have fruits that are edible, and they are also listed by the ASPCA as safe.

Be aware that some hawthorns have thorns that can hurt your pet, avoid these types if possible.

  1. Magnolia shrub

There is a kind of shrub-sized magnolias, although people imagine majestic trees whenever they hear the term magnolia. These make amazing additions to gardens with dogs because they are tough and non-toxic.

Magnolias have brilliant flowers, but they shed their leaves a lot. Prepare to break your rake at least once with these shrubs.

  1. Fig-leaf palm

Also known as the castor oil plant or Japanese aralia, the fig leaf palm is an interesting plant for gardens. It can grow up to 2.7m in height, but most are smaller. All of them have large, glossy leaves and attractive flower clusters (known as umbrellas).