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5 Signs Your Relationship Will End in Divorce



You’ve been together for a while now, and you know for sure, that your relationship is on the path to ending in divorce. But before you panic, there are several signs to help you determine if your relationship is headed towards the end or not. If these signs sound like a painful end of your relationship, it’s time to clear the air and see alternatives to fix your relationship or end it smoothly.

A lot of people worry about walking out on their relationships only after they’re already walking out the door. Although waiting until there are irreparable structural issues can cause anxiety and stress in many ways, it’s worth it because what you gain will make up for everything that was lost once everything falls apart — trust no one else but yourself.

  1. Your Relationship Is A One-Way Street

Perhaps nowhere else is a relationship’s imbalance more noticeable than at home. If you wash, cook, do the dishes and take out the garbage because you “get no help from him,” if he doesn’t listen or talk to you like he used to, or if you feel like his mother rather than his lover, your relationship might be on track to divorce. You can always consult a  divorce lawyer in Maryland to get helpful recommendation.

  1. A Change In Affection Levels

Does he no longer give you the gooey eyes and the unflattering tight hugs that he did when you first started dating? Has your once-loving relationship become more of a platonic one — or worse — an abuse-infested one? Or maybe you’ve noticed a decrease in the amount of time you spend together or an increase in time spent apart? A sudden change in affection could be a dead end to your relationship.

  1. A Change In Financial Standing

Once you were broke and underemployed in a crappy apartment, and now he’s a high-earning doctor living in a luxury condo in a cool part of town. Or maybe he quit his job so he could start his own business, yet all the time, he’s visibly grumpy, irritable, and unnecessarily critical. He doesn’t look at you the same way he used to. He may even be soaking up all his earnings rather than spending it or spending it often…on others instead of on you. An unstable finance that leads to stress is often a sign of divorce

  1. Being Riddled With Suspicion

Does he demand to know where you’re going? What time you’re going there? Who you’re going to see there? How much you’re going to spend? What time you’ll be home? Does he get upset when you linger a little longer than you thought you would at a restaurant or a coffee shop? Does he constantly demand to know what he did wrong? Is he friendly with everyone you know but certain to effusively praise you in front of others?

  1. You Stop Exploring Each Other

Getting back to basics, seeing each other without interference, looking at each other the way you used to, having fun together. Staying at home instead of going to bars or clubs, ordering in instead of ordering takeout, hanging out at the mall, or traveling together. Making love instead of having sex. Making homemade stuff together instead of going shopping, looking for a new home, a new job, a new hobby, a new look each month. Pretending to be a family together if it’s what they want to do.


Does your relationship have you feeling that something is deeply wrong, but you’re not sure what it is? Take your time to explore the options and make a wise choice. There are plenty of things going on in everyone’s lives, and usually, a lot of them are going to be bumpy before they get better. However, if there’s a sudden or abrupt change in how people treat one another or talk about one another, then someone else has noticed it too.

We’re all human and flawed, but even though we can’t be perfect, we should try our hardest not to hurt anyone that we love.

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