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5 Tips for Beginner Models From The Pro



Today what I want to do is I want to bring you guys a model, a podcast host, and a super talented Youtuber, Bunnie Xo aka Bunnie DeFord.

She’s been modeling for many years and what she wants to do today is to give you guys some tips on how you can become a model, some of the best practices, and just some general tips that you should know.

As someone who’s just starting out in this industry so without further ado let’s get to it:


The first thing I want to talk about is online submitting versus actually going to an open call.

The number one thing that you need to do when you are trying to get into the modeling agencies or modeling business is to do your research. So you want to make sure that you’re going to different websites like or researching agencies that are in your area.

Learn how it is that they book their models. You can always submit online I encourage everyone that is in a city that doesn’t have an agency to submit online but I do think that there is a huge advantage to being able to actually go into the agency.

like your truest form of yourself and meet the agehonts during open calls.

You can find out information from open calls by searching the agency that you’re interested in. Almost every agency will have their open call dates and the times and what they’re looking for when you get there.

Agencies are pretty cut-and-dry they’re very honest about what they’re looking for and what they’re not, everything from what you need to wear or what photos you need to submit to them is usually online.


So another really important thing when you’re getting into the agency or modeling business is appearance guys.


You have to know how to take care of yourself so the number one thing in this business is that you are your own product.

That means that you are a business of yourself and that means that your appearance is a large part of that. It is modeling so that means that when you’re going into the Go See is just like a few like little hints you want to find a form for your form-fitting clothes that actually flatter your body.

So for me, this is my go-to outfit for when I’m going to any type of casting go see or open call I have on heels just to boost myself in height. I have on high waist jeans to accentuate how long my legs are so that gives the agent just an idea really quickly of what my body type is and my frame and my structure. Then I have on a form-fitting seamless bodysuit with no push-up and no bra just so you get the actual curves of what I really have.

You want to make sure when you go in you have a clean slate. Consider yourself a canvas so pretty much when you’re going into these agencies, they’re looking for that bubbly gorgeous girl or the girl that has a look that’s very unique.

But really what they’re looking for is someone that they can sell someone that they can market to these products to these companies and to these clothing lines, magazines commercial or print.

So you want to go in with a blank slate and what that means is very neutral or natural makeup.

If you’re going to wear some or no makeup at all I do suggest just like a light tinted SPF. if you’re going in nothing heavy you don’t want to like do too much to your brows, you want to be very neutral so I have on I just have on like a very agave nectar lip moisturizer.

It’s always going to be different runway modeling and selling that product on the runway is going to be completely different than commercials and prints. You can research those things and just make sure that you dive into what it is you’re going for.

All right guys so that’s it, if you guys have more questions or you like to learn more just follow her on her handle.

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