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5 Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom with Area Rugs



After spending a long day in the office or in your daily hustles trying to make ends meet, the next best remedy to the tired body is resting in a deluxe bedroom that would guarantee a feel at home momentum. The comfort of the sleeping quarter is predetermined by how best the room is decorated, and what material the beholder prefers to use to give that extra feeling and appeal to the heart. The latest aesthetic appeal to the bedroom is the use of area rugs in to add an extra appeal to the sleeping area. Besides being convenient as they are arranged to fit the area that the owner desires, they give the room a unique look and add to the overall decoration. They come in different colors and sizes, hence providing the owner a sense of variation on what fits best. Various tips are applicable in giving your room a sparkling look while decorating using area rugs.

Strategic placement for a warm floor

Placing the area rug on both sides of the bed guarantees a warm floor contact with the legs upon waking up in the morning. The winter season will not coarse your legs either as you will have a warm landing or insulate your legs. While this approach may sound very obvious, it adds to the appeal of the bedroom while at the same time, the area rug is functional.

Choose darker area rugs over the bright ones

The modern bedrooms come in bright colors and are decorated with a functional lighting system that suits the owner. Complementing that bedroom with a darker area rug would give it a perfect match. The best approach that would guarantee an ideal match would be experimenting with different shades of paint both on the floor and on the bedroom walls until you hit your perfect match. An ideal color mix and a perfect size that would match your bed size would guarantee a complete set.

Choosing a striped area rug over a plain one

A striped area rug gives the room an enticing look that would make one think the room is more significant than its actual size. The bulk of the floor remains covered hence adding flair to the office. A striped area rug works perfectly for kids’ bedrooms and modern décor as it adds a visual appeal.

Choosing a perfect length over width

A large bedroom would fit perfectly with an area rug that comes with the same color as the bed. When strategically placed at the end of the bed, the rug gives an appeal that looks like an extension of the bed. This will undoubtedly give the room a unique look, and it will be a comfortable walking cover instead of stepping on the cold floor. It will perfectly fit if the bedroom has a more substantial length than the width.

Opting for two area rugs over one

Two area rugs break the monotony of having ample space in the bedroom, adding to the color and interest of staying in the bedroom. A combination of two area rugs that come in different colors and designs guarantees a sparkling appearance of the room. The placement should be matched based on the colors of the available decors in the bedroom and the best arrangement that would fit the bedroom.

In essence, if you want to decorate your bedroom with area rugs, the above five tips would guarantee you maximum satisfaction that would suit the paints on the wall. You can pick on the option of the tip that suits your bedroom best and give that bedroom an entirely d

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