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5 Tips For your First Cross Country Motorcycle Trip



Cross-country motorcycle trips are fun, and your first one can be the journey of a lifetime. But getting things together for your first ride can be challenging, it is completly different from your past comfortable stay at Cabo Villas as a luxury holiday. especially if you have no experienced biker in your corner. Embarking on a successful trip involves a significant amount of planning and due diligence. On that note, here are five tips for your first cross-country motorcycle trip.

1.    Double-Check Your Bike

This tip is non-negotiable for all modes of transportation. In the U.S. alone, over 300,000 bike accidents will occur in 2020. Likewise, the United Kingdom recorded over 21,000 bike accidents. As a biker, double-checking your bike before hitting the open road is your safety ticket to prevent accidents and failures en route. First, ensure your gears are in optimal condition, considering the performance of your engine.

You must also check the functionality of your tires, ensuring they can withstand the pressure from long hours on the road. Taking your bike for a total tune-up can be the best decision before starting your trip. Alternatively, opt to purchase a new bike if your current one is too old or in bad working condition. Sites like offer a good range of brands and models.

2.    Understand Your Destination And Routes

Going for a ride without assessing your routes and background checking your destination can leave you with endless surprises. Remember, you’ll need to pass through different states or cities for your cross-country ride, and each one comes with different road usage rules. Flouting any of them can set you back and mar your riding experience.

For instance, if you live in the U.S., you may need a permit to refuel your vehicle in states like Oregon. Other states may require different forms of identification. When you have enough information about your destination and routes, you can pinpoint where to lodge and alternative routes if some roads get blocked for maintenance.

3.    Pack According To Your Itinerary

You’ll need a lot of supplies, clothes, and other essential items, depending on how extensive your trip is. Apart from your usual maintenance items, some essential things to add to your checklist include sunglasses, chargers for your devices, a physical map, etc. Often, it’s tempting to overpack or under prepare if you don’t have a clear idea of your trip flow.

To avoid inconveniences, plan in tandem with your itinerary. You don’t need to pack too many things. Know all your stops and decide what you can add up as you progress.

4.    Have a Reliable Mode Of Communication

It’s understandable if you want to do your entire road trip off the grid. It helps you maintain a deep focus on the road. However, it’s crucial to have a reliable mode of communication with you on the trip. One with a service provider functioning across all the states you’re riding through. Also, remember to have an essential contact list for emergencies.

5.    Don’t Rush

Cross-country motorcycle trips should be fun. Even if you have a record time to beat, it’s important to relax through the journey and enjoy the scenic views and landscapes. Interstate routes may be faster, but they may deprive you of the relaxed viewing pleasure offered by country roads.

All in all, these tips may not be exhaustive, but they can do a good job as a cross-country motorcycle trip guide. Enjoy your ride.

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