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5 Tips to Choose The Right Medical Alert System for Elderly



If you have a senior relative staying alone, you might be often worried about their well-being. A recent report suggests a 10% increase in crimes related to senior citizens in the last year. The chances of requiring medical assistance also increase substantially as you age. One in every three adults over the age of 65 years is prone to slipping or falling. However, technology can be of help when it comes to monitor the wellness of elderly people.


There are various types of medical alert systems available which can be customized according to your requirement. However, selecting a particular system depends on so many factors. In this article, we bring you some useful tips to help you choose the right medical alert system for your needs.


  1. Who Will Be Notified?

Medical alert systems can be configured to notify different persons. If you have a relative or close friend living nearby the senior person, you can designate them as emergency contacts which can be contacted in case of an incident. Alternately, some systems can connect to call-centres and send the response teams to their home. Smart alert systems combine these two features, so when you press the emergency call button, the designated persons as well as emergency response teams are contacted.


  1. Do You Need To Monitor Health Daily?

If you are interested to regularly keep a track of your senior relative’s health, you can opt for a monitoring device that helps to record his body parameters. These are mostly wearable devices which continuously monitor vital signs of a person. These devices can be connected to the smartphone via an app. There are advanced systems which can allow to video monitoring through a camera or directly contact the doctors in case of an emergency.


  1. Look For Portability

It is likely that the elderly person will move out of the house every once in a while. It could be for daily morning and evening walks or a short trip to the grocery store. Therefore, it is required to have a robust system which works at home as well as on the move. GPS-enabled monitors are therefore worth considering so that exact location of the person can be shared with the emergency responders. If you want to get a home based unit, make sure that they are easy to be shifted in different locations when required.


  1. Opt For Simple System

Elder people take a while to get used to the current technological advancements. No matter how prompt or efficient the monitoring system is, it will be pretty useless if your senior hesitates to use them. Since, most of the monitoring devices are wearable, consider a device that your relative might actually wear as some persons have preferences over belts and bracelets. Also, the system should be easy to use! Ask for a demo and check if your senior is comfortable using them.


  1. Price Is Important

The price of a health monitoring system does not include the equipment charge alone and you have to consider the cost of services as well. There might be subscription charges or hidden charges for false alarm cases. Some systems require you to sign contracts which might have cancellation fees or penalties. It is a good practice to be transparent about pricing options in the beginning itself to save you from future surprises!


Wrapping It Up:

Selecting the right medical alert system for your loved ones can be quite intimidating. While you want to be assured that they get the best response and treatment in the case of any emergency, you also want them to be comfortable with the technology. Make sure you get them to try on the devices themselves before making any commitment.


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