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5 tips to launch your new business online – with Liran Mizrahi



Liran Mizrahi is one of Israel’s top social media marketing masters, helping brands find success in the social media sphere. Liran is an Instagram mogul with over 12 years of experience with active involvement in account management and Instagram marketing. ality “fanbase” is crucial.

 Like most of us, Liran Mizrahi opened her Instagram account as a simple photo sharing account. However, it wasn’t long before she started getting more interested and began connecting with people and collaborating with them on the site. One thing led to another, and Mizrahi’s interest peaked when he began helping new people succeed on the social platform and helping those who might have been left behind.

 By now, there’s no denying that online businesses have taken over, and even those who already have a traditional business are always looking for new ways to bring their business online.

 So we asked Mr. Mizrahi to suggest us the best 5 tips to launch your new business online.

Define your business idea

Start with a business plan. In fact, the first draft of what will become your complete business plan. 

Think about your initial budget, possible market niches and products or services to sell, think about how you will set up your marketing strategies and all the small but important details surrounding the creation of your online business.

 This first step will be essential in outlining your goals and next steps, and will serve as a reference for all future decisions you will need to make about your online business.

Identify your market niche

That is, what industry are you planning to expand into? Your niche is a market segment that has specific needs and requirements that set it apart from the rest.

 You can segment your market by following different parameters, such as geographic, demographic, or based on the benefits sought by the recipients of a particular product or service.

Find the image and mission of your brand

Your brand is the face of your company, it represents your business in every form and makes sure that consumers are clearly able to distinguish it. Think of the feelings you get when you think of brands like Nike, or Mulino Bianco. Just by hearing their name, you can imagine very specific scenes and products. That’s exactly what you want to achieve with branding and brand identity for your online business. 

What do you want to communicate to your customers? What kind of person is your brand?

Create a social presence

In 2022, social is the essence and calling card of any business, online and offline. Think about it. How many times have you heard about a new brand? I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do is look for it on Instagram. 

And often a quick glance at the profile is enough to decide whether or not to give my trust to that business. Then again, there are so many alternatives. 

That’s why creating a strong social presence and establishing a sense of community among your followers is crucial if you want to create a successful online business.

Focus on growth

Now What? Now is the time for marketing, promoting and growing your online business. Once you’ve launched your business, your main task will be to attract as many potential customers as possible, and impress them with your offer. 

When it comes to marketing there are no limits (or almost no limits), so take advantage of all the strategies you see fit, from sales funnels to upselling and crossselling.

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