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5 tools to help you write an incredible essay



The educational process requires you to read and write a lot. Students should practice their writing and apply it to their personal statements. And the practice of writing is often more challenging than it may seem.

To boost your writing skills, we decided to find the most helpful modern digital technologies and came up with the following list. You can learn five online services that help essay writing!

  1. Free Essay Generator

This free essay generator is one of the most important tools to help students improve their essay writing skills. Best Essay Writing Services has daily writing support if students are not experienced enough and need a useful resource for their college writing. Find inspiring essay examples on the blog or read articles with step-by-step instructions on how to write a perfect essay.

  1. Write r plus (write on the go)

Master your writing skills with Writer Plus! This application can transform your perception of the writing process and bring more joy to it. The first rule of success is to organize your writing. In Writer Plus you can create notes, to-do lists, and books and organize them in folders.

Make any type of content in a safe place. Structure your text with headers, body text, bullets and outline. Keep the details of the text with the file size, location and date of the last modification. The second rule is daily practice. This app helps you implement great thoughts via text. Pick them out and don’t be afraid to lose it.

  1. English times book

Students often forget the importance of times in their essays. English Tenses Book is a mobile application that allows you to build grammatically strong text. Check the structure of your sentences with this handy tool and find out how you can improve your writing.

Essays require strong grammar skills and it is not only a challenge for international students. To avoid mistakes in your text, learn the common mistakes and correct them.

  1. English listen Speak Read write

It’s not easy to write a good essay if you don’t read, speak, and listen to the English language. Even if you are a native speaker, you should improve your language skills y implementing new topics in conversations. With this android tool you can write dictations, prepare for interviews, find many interesting facts from educational texts and learn pronunciation, meanings and examples in the text.

This application is beneficial for those who want to treat their readers with interesting essays and avoid overwhelming constructs while developing research.

  1. English Idio Ms and sentences

Native English speakers like to use popular phrases in their everyday communication. For those learning English, it is challenging to keep them all in mind. The Android application English Idioms and Phrases will help you improve your speaking and writing in English with a simple explanation. You will remember them faster if they are always on your smartphone.

In this app you can take meaning tests and find out how to understand each sentence. The app contains three lexical units, including idioms, meaning tests and context explanations. It is equipped with a quick search function that allows you to enter unknown expressions and find the meaning and example in use.