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6 BEST Reporting Tools in 2019 For Better Decision Making



Reporting software provides useful information gathered from different sources like charts, and forms, etc. these software tools help users to improve their decision-making strategy. These decisions are made after complete data analysis. This reporting software also good to represent data attractively and make data more readable and presentable.

Reports can be of two types

  • Static reports
  • Interactive reports

Static reports:

 Static reports are those reports that users cannot change.

Interactive reports:

 Interactive reports help the user to get the detail of the data.

Different reports can be generated with the help of report generating tools:

  • Business intelligence reports can be built.
  • Reports those are self-service
  • Reports related to finance
  • Performance measuring reports

Top reporting tools are as follows:

1- Grow

It is a cloud-based application helpful for business personnel to control data and helpful in decision making.

Features of Grow include:

  • It has ready-made connectors up to 115
  • User accounts are unlimited.
  • Its user interface is simple enough

2- Zoho Analytics: 

Zoho Analytics is also a good software for business reporting. Functional reporting is easy in this tool. You can make a forecast and it also allows data alerts. it has pre-built reports and dashboards with 100+ connectors. A free version with basic features is also available.

3- HubSpot:

You want to check and control the performance of your business in one place; this is the best platform for sure. It is good because it has built-in reports helping the user to change them according to their data. You can handle many things from this software like email marketing, CMS, lead management, etc. it is all in one software. Most of its features are free.


  • SAP Crystal reports:  


This tool costs $495 on each license. This reporting tool is best for small businesses. It has many features like you can share your content in any form, pdf, HTML, spreadsheet, etc. SAP Crystal report also good for data security. For reports, it supports multiple languages.

5- DBextra:

DBextra is a web-based software that provides reporting tools for ad-hoc reporting. The best features of this tool are that automatically generates reports on scheduled time. No prior knowledge is required to use this tool so, working on this tool is very easy. its basic features are available at $980.


  • Answer Analytics:


Businesses can use answer analytics for their reporting tasks. No technical skills or programming knowledge is required. It is easy enough to generate reports using answer analytics and any team member can perform this task and generate reports. No operating system is required to run this software and this web-based  SaaS application. In case of a query, questions can be asked live.  Natural language processing is also allowed in this software. Colors and labels can be changed easily. Reports are generated and saved automatically to the dashboard. You can also share your reports via email. Answer analytics also has an excellent feature of sending the report automatically. This can be done if you set a schedule for sending reports. 

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