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6 Keys to Floral Outdoor Wedding Decor



Flowers are the instrument that supports many styles and decorations for marriage. If they are carried out during the day, in the afternoon or at night, in a house or country club, in front of the sea and under the solar cover or in an urban industrial environment. All of them raise their prestige thanks to the floral arrangements for weddings, which you can also see immersed in the marriage cards painted with total perfection to make this detail the most modern. Freesias, irises, carnations, peonies, and beautiful coves, shine next to lush foliage to satisfy the whimsical tastes of brides. If you are determined for them, we leave you 6 tips that will help you take advantage of that key natural decorative element.

  1. Analyze the space

The floral decoration plays the main role, giving life to each space or corner that has been chosen to highlight with originals and various ornaments for marriage. Analyze the place where you will carry out your ceremony and the location of your reception in detail. Which sites do you think need enhancement and which others, a little less? Make a list with the fixtures of all decorations for marriage: entrance, chairs and altar. For your reception, flowers for wedding, the way of the bride and groom or the door that represents their triumphal entry. Of all these which need to be more protagonists and which hardly require a fresh brushstroke of natural aroma. This way you will know how to take advantage of your budget when taking into account, where yes or yes, you must include roses, dahlias, peonies or tulips, and in which only lilacs, wedding veil (rain) and foliage.

  1. Add light and color

Keep in mind that the floral decoration for outdoor links must compensate and enhance the spaces, depending on whether it will be held during the day or night, to make them cozy and warm. Of course, in addition to giving off a romantic air. Therefore, choose larger flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers for a marriage in the field. Gladioli and lilies if you get married in the city. Outdoors, add color, only if necessary. If you already have a garden surrounded by color, focus on a single hue that reigns in your decor.

  1. The target for the church

If you’ve decided to just perform the ceremony inside the church, and you love bright colors, think carefully before filling the wedding church decor with color. In general, temples need light most, at the same time, white is a color that symbolizes purity.

  1. Say ‘yes’ to the seasonal flowers

We enjoy a tropical climate that allows us to have the most precious flowers in wedding decorations for almost all year, roses, orchids, tulips and peonies, to name a few of the most demanded by brides. But beware, this does not mean that they will not raise their price when requested in seasons other than their own or in periods of increased demand, such as summer or spring. In this sense, you will not have to miss the seasonal flowers.

  1. The perpetuity of the flower

Do not let it happen that you order a superb arrangement in the morning and that for the afternoon it looks withered. Especially for a hipster or vintage wedding brides who love those wild forest flowers. It is true that they have a wild and incomparable beauty, but at the same time, they are very sensitive. If you marry outdoors with a lot of sun or wind, bet on long-lived flowers, in addition to the sublime roses, you can divert your attention to the coves, palm gladioli or lilies.

  1. The flower accessories

As important as the dominant flower you choose are the accessories that escort it: ivy, foliage, leaf litter, stalks or lianas. Many brides are tormented when they see the costs of the flowers, but they do not know the beauty of these it looks better next to some spirited olive branches or beautiful bells of Ireland, with asters and Limonium. These are less expensive than peonies or any main flower. Fearlessly give responsibility to these auxiliary members of your wedding venue decoration to give life to those less prominent places of your reception or banquet.

The future spouses not only hope to recreate an atmosphere full of romanticism that will be the most important day of their lives, but also in harmony with even their wedding cake, the rest of the vintage, shabby, hipster or rustic decoration, the bridal bouquet and, above all, that it does not exceed your budget. So before you start your search, memorize these tips.