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6 Tips To Get The Best Experience In PlayStation VR



The Sony PlayStation VR was designed as a partner for the PlayStation 4 which improves its current games to provide its users with a totally different gaming experience in which the characters and the virtual worlds are almost believable and the gamer becomes a part of the game.

Many gaming geeks have joined the crazy virtual party by purchasing a PS VR. If you’re among them too, use the following suggestions and tricks to enhance your virtual reality experience on the PlayStation and making the most out of it.

  1. Choose A Spacious Room

The PlayStation VR comes with many cables which must be connected to different power outlets, this typically requires a larger room without too much furniture to lessen the barriers while playing. Apart from that, the camera should be placed in a vibration-free area while maintaining a minimum of 5 feet distance between the VR user. The chair on which a gamer would be seated needs to be at least 6 feet away from the camera.

Therefore, you need to do a lot of planning and rearranging of your house until you find a suitable spot.

  1. Dim The Lights

It’s perceived that the darker the room, the better it is. Turn off the lights, lamps and any other light source completely or simply dim them. Lowlights or darker spaces are essential for the proper functioning of a PS VR or it will not track your head and controllers correctly.

  1. Select The Playing Position Wisely

It’s tempting to play your games while standing as it feels more realistic and adventurous. But a standing position increases the risks of you tripping over any cables or objects and hurting yourself.

Hence, it’s recommended to play games while being safely seated and if you’re likely to get motion sickness, sitting down is the best and more comfortable position. Nonetheless, certain games can be played while standing just be sure to clear out all the obstacles and create a recognizable safety zone around you.

  1. Keep Your Controllers Charged

Always charge controllers and keep it powered up for your next gaming session after you’ve ended your current gaming session. The controllers tend to lose their power quickly when playing VR games and it can really ruin your mood if the controller loses all of its power while you’re in the middle of a game as it requires 5 hours to be fully charged.

  1. Set Up Your Headset Perfectly

Taking your time with adjusting the headset and getting comfortable with it goes a long way in terms of ease of use. A secure fit with no light getting inside is an important factor for achieving the best PS VR experience.


Along with the headset resting perfectly on your head, there are several other factors to consider too like, adjusting the brightness of the PS VR headset at a comfortable and safe level, having the lenses cleaned thoroughly with a microfiber material before beginning a new gaming session or switching the player.

  1. Don’t Forget To Rest

This, however, isn’t an exciting trick but is surely the most important one. It is recommended to rest after every thirty minutes or an hour of a gaming session. Different bodies react differently after a prolonged VR gaming session, some feel motion sickness while others may have an impaired vision or a headache. So, listen to your body carefully and allow it the rest it demands. You can also listen to music while relaxing as it is found to have a positive impact on the body.

If you feel any discomfort or sickness especially after playing a racing game, do not start another game right away. Rest and don’t engage in any other task until all symptoms have completely passed. Also, never use the PS VR when you are sleepy or tired.

These are some tricks and ideas we hope will help you in getting the most enjoyable experience of a PlayStation VR. Happy gaming to you!

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