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6 Video Production Tips to Enhance Quality and Drive Views



Video content requires acquiescence with specific technical and artistic quality standards to guarantee millions of views, as well as its popularity on the internet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an experienced filmmaker to be successful in a venture that uses these types of instruments. Just pay attention to these seven video production tips by Reggie from 2Bridges video production agency, and take advantage of them.

Plan production clearly

You must write down the following in the work plan before starting:

  1. How many videos will be filmed, and for which platforms?
  2. What equipment used in the video?
  3. The script of each video: is it humorous? Does it tell a story emotionally, or does it mainly show images accompanied by texts?
  4. They are promoting products and services.
  5. Duration

This tip is one of the most crucial video production tips that you should put into account. Depending on the objectives of the video, the duration may vary. Usually, there are no written and rigid rules on this topic. For instance, you can employ the following logic and business instinct:

  • To promote products quickly and efficiently, a video of between 30 and 60 seconds will be more than enough. YouTube counts views from half a minute. Therefore, it is crucial to note that every second of a video should capture a user’s attention at all times.
  • The extended videos with 2, 3, or 4 minutes used for large-scale promotions that require more time. In this case, it is essential to take advantage of storytelling to catch the customer’s attention. It is also advisable to make a shorter version of these extended video clips to alternate them as a strategy.

The definition of image

Today’s Video production Toronto overlooks those distorted images of the past with unpleasant colors and offers the best to viewers.

Four types of video definition include:

  • It considered the minimum quality standard for videos on any platform. The image in this format is excellent and is similar to that of a DVD.
  • HD (720p). This definition allows the viewer to enjoy each video in detail from most of their devices like smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.
  • Full HD (1080p). It is the finest format for producing video content. It will look exclusively impressive when viewed on a new digital flat screen.
  • YouTube his this definition in many videos at the moment. If resources allow, videos should be produced in this format to reach higher-ranking audiences since their creation requires specialized technology.

The sound quality

A stunning and flawless image accompanied by outstanding sound. Therefore, you must choose any of these formats:

  • Stereo: It offers a suitable output power through two conventional channels.
  • Dolby and its variations are Surround 5.1 or TrueHD. This system reduces noise, highlights dialogues, and creates a very striking environmental effect.
  • DTS- system that offers excellent sound quality through six channels.

The musical effects

If video content tells a story, it is essential to include the right music from any genre, taking into considerations these characteristics:

  • It must be free of copyright or be your production.
  • It should provoke emotions and emphasize the actions seen on the screen, but never interrupt the work or distract. Therefore, the soundtrack should be in the background at a reasonable volume.

The rhythm of the video

This rhythm will depend on many factors, such as video type, its artistic characteristics, and the product to be promoted. Nevertheless, an outstanding video should have the following:

  • The flow of the action must be coherent, without boring or confusing the viewer.
  • The transitions for videos should be subtle and look extremely professional, such as those in full white or deep black. In the case of humorous videos, it is valid to use transitions with irregular shapes or images.
  • Again, it is essential to remember that every second is valuable. Therefore, each should inform, amuse, inspire, or move, depending on the objective.

Lighting and photography

Proper lighting can dramatically improve the result. Therefore, in video production, the ideal one must be chosen for each scene:

  • Taking advantage of natural light is essential to create a warm and friendly effect.
  • Indoor lighting must be balanced and take advantage of light and dark tones.

On the other hand, in the editing work, photographic effects can be added to highlight a particular color or change the appearance of a scene by trying to make the result aesthetic and striking.

In conclusion

The video content for a regular event does not require a significant investment, but a rather original script, as well as taking care of every technical detail of the process. In this way, each of them will become a powerful marketing tool ideal to spread in different media.