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7 Tips To Relieve a Child’s Dry Cough



Have you been dealing with your baby coughing at night recently? If you have an infant or young child who has been suffering from a dry cough, you may be wondering what you can do to help him or her get quick relief. Even if you’ve already stocked up on soothing Wellements nighttime cough syrup, trying these seven tips could help improve your child’s symptoms right away.

1. Install a Humidifier in Your Child’s Room

In some cases, a persistent dry cough may be due to a lack of moisture in the air. If you believe the dry air in your home may be worsening your child’s cough, try installing a humidifier. You can put several throughout the house or simply install one in your child’s bedroom to help return healthy humidity to the air.

2. Give Your Child Superfoods and Nutrient-Rich Supplements

Another possible reason your child may be experiencing a dry cough is if they are starting to get sick. If this is the case, you may want to focus on improving your child’s immune system. Try feeding him or her additional superfoods and using nutrient-rich supplements such as elderberry immunity boosting syrup every day.

3. Prepare Plenty of Healthy Warm Drinks

Sometimes all it takes is a warm drink to soothe a child’s irritated throat. Before bedtime, try heating up one of the following drinks for your little one.

  • Warm milk with honey
  • Hot herbal tea
  • Chicken soup
  • Heated vegetable broth

4. Give Your Child a Long, Steamy Bath

Creating a warm, steamy environment could help calm irritation and soothe your child’s cough. Consider heating up a hot bath, using some Epsom bath salts and eucalyptus oils for aromatherapy and giving your child a long bath to help him or her feel better.

5. Try Saline Nasal Drops or Mucus-Cleaning Bulb Syringes

If your child’s dry cough is paired with symptoms such as a stuffy nose, clearing out his or her nose blockage may help make breathing easier and could calm his or her coughing. You can use regular saline nasal drops or, if drops are not enough, mucus-cleaning bulb syringes to pull out any excess mucus.

6. Contact a Pediatrician To Identify the Root Issue

If there’s reason to suspect that your child’s coughing is due to a deeper health issue, contact your pediatrician right away for an assessment and diagnosis. Some root issues that could be behind the dry cough may include, but are not limited to:

  • Pneumonia
  • Sinus infections
  • The common cold
  • The seasonal flu
  • Allergies

7. Ask Your Doctor About Using Over-the-Counter Cough Medicine

If at-home remedies haven’t worked for your child, you may want to ask your doctor whether over-the-counter cough medicine would be right for your child. Cough medicines can be strong and provide effective relief, but may be too powerful for children below a certain age. Check with your child’s doctor before purchasing medicine to treat the dry cough.

It can be difficult to soothe a child suffering from a persistent dry cough. To help your little one get quick relief and to prevent future issues, make sure to try these seven easy tips right away!