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7even Amsterdam, living near the Rijksmuseum



Apartment complex 7even is being built in Amsterdam West right next to Delflandplein. 7even Amsterdam is boosting 90 luxury rental apartments with various parking facilities and storage spaces in a closed highly secured parking garage. Closed residential parking facility is rare in Amsterdam and this a great opportunity to park your luxury car, bike or motor cycle. It will also safe you insurance costs.

The Delflandplein area is characterized by the diversity of shops for daily facilities. Here you’ll find the finest grocery stores like Albert Heijn, but also high quality Mediterranean grocery shops and Asian stores. In addition, the neighborhood is undergoing a rapid transformation with a diversity of new-build houses and hotels in this part of Amsterdam. From Delflandplein, Overschiestraat it takes you only 5 minutes by bike to go the famous Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum is the most well-known museum in The Netherlands. Many master pieces are hanging here and yearly millions of people from all around the world are visiting the site. Who wouldn’t want live near this famous museum? This can be reality with living at 7even Amsterdam. Affordable luxury rental apartments in Amsterdam just 5 minutes from the dazzling city center of Amsterdam.

The rental properties of 7even Amsterdam are ideal for families and expats or young couples. Much attention has been paid to living space. Amsterdam is an expensive city to live in. You want to make the best use of the available space. For this reason, spacious living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms have been chosen. Because the bedrooms are spacious, older children within the family also have their own fully-fledged space. With some rental apartments, even the demanding family members have been taken into account by realizing extra bathrooms so that they do not have to be shared! Living at 7even Amsterdam is ideal for young couples and expats because the spacious bedrooms can be used as desired. This can be turned into a guest room or a hobby room or home work space.

Amsterdam is welcoming thousands of expats each year. Google, Starbucks, and many financial institutions are located in Amsterdam. That’s why it is important to explore housing opportunities on time, especially when you have certain wishes. This is your chance if you are arriving soon in Amsterdam as an expat. Join the many expat communities in Amsterdam and enjoy this happy journey starting with excellent housing in Amsterdam at 7even! Perfect apartments for a fair price and great facilities.

Opposite 7even is a highly regarded childcare center and a brand new primary school. Ideal for families who want to have everything close to home and avoid the busy city center. This is no problem for families who prefer to send their children to an international school. The International school is only 10 minutes by bike in Amsterdam South. So if you going to move to Amsterdam and you are looking for housing in Amsterdam. Visit and rent an Amsterdam apartment for the perfect Amsterdam living experience.