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8 Tips to built a new House



The facade of a building is technically the skin of the building or a house and one of the most important exterior elements. A key component for defining architectural aesthetics, it must provide energy efficiency and comfort towards the interior.

This 2019 trends in materials for facades include wood, stone, metal, brick, concrete, plastic, green walls and efficient glass, which allow energy savings.

1- Brick

They do not carry too much maintenance, they are ecological and sustainable. They have a lifespan of more than 100 years, and they are economical. Flexible, they can adapt to different architectural styles of facades.

2- Concrete

Durable, low maintenance, concrete does not rust and absorbs and retains heat. It is a bit expensive, adds originality and is ideal for minimalist, modern or brutalist facades.

3- Stone

Protects the building from inclement weather and gives it more resistance. Some natural stone options are:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Board

The quality of the natural stone is outstanding, it brings distinction. You can also buy artificial stone, which is more affordable.

4- Wood

The protagonist in exteriors and interiors home design ideas, wood is one of the favorite materials to include, this 2019, in facades. Elegant and natural, it adapts to a rustic, modern or contemporary design. But … can you imagine transparent wood in a facade?

Researchers from the Stockholm Institute of Technology (KTH) have invented the first transparent and biodegradable wood that will undoubtedly cause a revolution within the options of materials for construction. How did they do it? Removing lignin from balsa wood, which is the component that gives rigidity to this material and makes it opaque. The remaining substrate, the scientists explain, was impregnated in a transparent polymer. As a result, a rigid material like wood was obtained, through which light can pass and also serves to absorb heat.

5- Metal

Original and resistant, the metal facades allow design freedom and unique architectural wraps. They are easy to install, their price is a bit expensive but they are a real investment. Metals such as copper, iron, aluminium, galvanized and stainless steel can be used, with their different finishes: sausage perforated or expanded.

6- Polycarbonate panels

Multi-layer compounds are good thermal insulators. They offer protection against heat and fire. Being translucent allow the entry of natural light.

7- Green facades

Picturesque, attractive and natural reduce the heat. They provide vertical green meters and can be designed with self-scaled, climbing or hanging plants. Improve air quality they provide thermal and acoustic insulation and offer a variety of home design ideas.

In this book, more information to include a green touches on your facades:

8- Efficient facades

The architectural studio Decker Yeadon designed a double-glazed glass facade system for buildings that opens and closes to itself in response to the internal temperature of the building. This system is called Homeostatic Façade System. In order to properly dispose of all materials ensure you hire a local dumpster which can process your construction debris for recycling or proper disposal.

The rotating ribbons of the façade, they explain, are composed of an elastomeric (a polymer similar to rubber) wrapped around a core of flexible polymer. A silver coating on the elastomeric distributes an electrical charge across its surface, causing it to deform, just as electrical signals initiate muscle contraction. When sunlight warms the building at certain times of day, the surfaces of the tape expand to create shadow within the building. When temperatures drop, they contract to allow more light to enter. In nature, this type of self-regulation is known as homeostasis.

Its advantages? Reduce energy consumption, as it provides thermoregulation.

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