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A Brief Talk on HONOR Watch GS Pro



HONOR Watch GS Pro is an outdoor sports smart watch. How to use it? The following is a brief talk about HONOR Watch GS Pro from two aspects: design and use.


This HONOR Watch GS Pro is equipped with HUAWEI TruSeen 3.5. That means it has a four-sensor layout with led and receiver. It can read heart rate measurements and arterial oxygen saturation. You will also find two pogo pins and speakers for charging. Although the speaker is located on the back of the watch, it is cleverly designed and will not be covered by your wrist. Note that, this watch does not have NFC function.

The fluororubber watch attached to the carbon black dial gives people a sense of texture. The connection between it and the dial is connected by a 22 mm spring needle, which is a little bit stiff, but because the watch chassis is too large, when it is worn on the wrist, you will not notice its stiffness.

The polar white version has the same beige strap, but the camouflage blue version can choose woven nylon strap. Perhaps you will like this HONOR SmartWatch strap. Its texture matches the matte effect of the plastic part of the watch main body. In addition, camouflage gray and camouflage blue were both listed in October.


HONOR Watch GS Pro is fully functional. TruSleep can provide continuous heart rate monitoring and automatic pressure tracking. In addition to normal use such as checking time and weather, answering or refusing phone calls, checking heart rate or stress level, there are also some outdoor activities, such as cycling, weekend hiking, tennis, mountain climbing, etc., and indoor fitness exercises, etc., which can be met. It can also play music stored on watches and mobile phones, although it is not often used outdoors.

It is worth noting that, in fact, the battery life of HONOR Watch GS Pro can last for about 25 days at a time, which is a very important performance for outdoor travel and other activities. The long endurance avoids the trouble of frequent charging, and will not cause outdoor watches to run out of power. Of course, it depends on the actual situation. GPS can be used continuously for 40 hours in performance mode. Wearing it, you don’t need to worry about getting lost outdoors.

Moreover, its software is continuously updated, which means that its functions will be more and more comprehensive and humanized. Therefore, GS Pro is a good choice for outdoor activities. Sufficient battery life avoids the trouble of frequent charging, and its exterior design is cool. Its functions can meet the needs of ordinary outdoor activities.

In general, HONOR Watch GS Pro is a watch designed for outdoor sports. It is quite excellent in battery life, with very comprehensive built-in functions, thick dial and large battery capacity. It is a very cool outdoor watch.

If you like a heavier watch and often do outdoor sports, it is suitable for you.