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A Complete Buying Guide to Your Lab-Grown Diamond



Diamond can convince people on every occasion to buy it, no matter it’s a ring or other jewellery. If you are already convinced to purchase diamonds for the upcoming occasion or event to represent yourself as the sparkling one, you should first know some significant factors.

Buying diamond jewellery means you are making a significant investment here. So, the outcome should keep pace with the balance. Other than the 4Cs of a diamond to identify purity, this article will discuss more factors to make your purchase easy.

Lab-Grown or Natural Diamond: If you are not determined on which type of diamond to choose, you should know lab created diamonds Adelaide have got high acceptance among people other than the natural ones. Natural diamonds are usually high in the price you can barely afford. Besides, you can’t have different colours with a natural tone.

But lab grown diamonds blog have show people about the benefits of having them as your diamond jewellery. In the making of diamond rings or neckpieces, you can easily pick the category.

Know about the Carat: The diamond carat refers to the standard size, weight, and measurement. In a word, your diamond carat decides the purity of the gem. It would help if you counted the measure correctly to get the exact form of a diamond.

If you have 50 points of weight, the carat will be .50 of the total measurement. It possesses 100 points for each carat count.

Know about the Cut: Diamond cut varies from natural and lab-grown diamonds. Usually, lab-grown diamonds have a more precise cut than the natural ones. Besides, you can identify the diamond’s quality from its cut. By inspecting the diamond in the light reflection, you can guess the diamond cut correctly.

When the cut is pure, you get a more sparkling reflection in the light. So, don’t forget to evaluate the cut in the first place.

Know about the Clarity: Diamond clarity is about the inclusions a diamond has. You will not get a natural diamond without any inclusions, but the diamond will be filled with all-natural inclusions.

And lab-grown diamonds are polished and prepared in the lab very precisely. Since you don’t get any raw output from lab-grown diamonds, you can ensure inclusion-free diamonds from there.

Sometimes, the cut and carat size also determines the inclusion in diamonds. You should always check out the diamond with high-quality and carat size. Therefore, consider picking the right jeweller from your list.

Pick the Required Color: It’s better to choose the diamond’s colour based on your jewellery type. If it’s a diamond ring, choosing pink, fancy yellow, blue, and other colours are preferable. And for the neckpieces, you can always have colour variations.

Lab-grown diamonds are available in almost all colours, but natural diamonds are colourless.

Get Your Certification: When you are done purchasing the diamond, don’t forget your jeweller certification.