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A Concise Guide to Decorating a Small Bedroom



Many people who live in a smaller, more compact house often dream of owning a large, mansion-esque home with numerous bedrooms and a myriad of outhouses and basement rooms.

However, they often neglect to think about the charm, coziness, and general homeliness of a smaller and more intimate home, and furthermore, how you decorate a smaller room is incredibly important.

Continue reading to discover a concise guide to decorating a small bedroom.

Under-the-Bed Storage

One of the most important things to include in your new bedroom layout, even if you do not feel you have a surplus of belongings that need to be kept within arm’s reach, is under-the-bed storage.

Luckily, there is a wide plethora of different options when it comes to creating that much-desired extra storage space, with the most effective and practical being pull-out drawers in the bottom of the bed. Whether you simply choose to store spare duvet and blanket sets and pillows or else keep your children’s spare clothes there, you will be incredibly grateful for that extra space.

Wall Mounted Furniture

You will have noticed in the past how any room, regardless of the size, appears much larger when it is empty and then quickly seems to drastically reduce in size as soon as you add the first piece of furniture.

To combat this in a small bedroom, instead choose stylish and practical furniture that can be mounted on the wall, which will not only give you more floor space but will also add height and texture to your design aesthetic too. Reputable and renowned designer suppliers, such as ligne roset bromley, have a fantastic array of different-sized wall-mounted furniture for any taste.

Make It All About Your Bed!

For some people, their bedroom is not only the place they sleep, but also where they work at their desk, get ready for work in the morning, and carry out various other activities.

However, in a smaller bedroom, you obviously do not have adequate space, which, far from being a disadvantage, can actually be quite the opposite. Making your bedroom an oasis of calm with simple and calming colors on the walls and minimal furniture could even serve to improve both the quality and the duration of your sleep.

Hang Long & High Drapes

The fourth and final top tip for decorating your smaller bedroom is to resist the urge to choose short, windowsill-length drapes to frame the windows.

Instead, invest in some heavier, longer, and higher drapes that entirely meet in the middle and cover more than just the window frames themselves. The main reason for this is that floor-length drapes will give the illusion of a larger space by tricking the eye line into seeing more than is actually there. Additionally, hanging a track or pole as high to the ceiling as you possibly can is also a great idea, mainly because this draws the eye higher to the top of the room instead of to either side of the windows.

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