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A Deeply Ironic Message To Men From Bill Cosby



Bill Cosby is adapting well to prison life, his spokesman said—giving speeches, figuring out, and meeting one-on-one with inmates. Cosby is serving 3 to 10 years at most security prison close to an urban center for administration and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004. “He’s very popular” with inmates. The 81-year-old former actor and comedian is entering into form physically and does 300 leg lifts and crunches. The 81-year-old comedian was taken into custody forthwith and semiconductor diode away in handcuffs once the choose refused to let him out on bail whereas he appeals, speech communication he “could quite presumably be a danger to the community”. Cosby can serve the sentence in prison. Celebrity corporate executive completely reports that Cosby has taken on the role of “life coach” to his fellow inmates whereas in prison, as he has reportedly been giving them recommendation regarding their various things.

Bill Cosby celebrated his 82nd birthday (July 12) behind bars. However, that hasn’t stopped the fallen comedian from provision some recommendation that several could reckon ironically. Bill Cosby gives Ironic Speech to prisoners In Prison. The comic-turned-convicted convict took to his social media accounts on Fri morning to urge “all men” to “man up & become men of valor.”

Bill Cosby message for his fans. I would like to thank all of my friends, supporters and family members for wishing me a Happy 82nd Birthday,”
When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I believed as a child: however once I became a man, I place away immature things. To all men… it’s time to be Great Fathers, Great American Citizens & Great Husbands. Man Up & Become Men of Valor.”

He finished up with variety of hashtags, together with #StandUpManUp, #BeAManOfValor, #HappyBirthdayBillCosby, #FreeBillCosby, and #Farfrom finished. He conjointly supplemental the hashtags #LoveMyChildren and #LoveYouCamille, and Camille Cosby apparently denote her own birthday message to her husband on his social media accounts: “Billy… A joyous 82nd birthday to a man World Health Organization is caring to his kids, grandchildren, his wife….may vindication be in your close to future, therefore your fearless spokesman of truths cannot be suppressed by the disseminators of lies & enemies of justice. Love, Camille.”

Having a career spanning over fifty years, Henry “Bill” Cosby son is one among the foremost influential forces in popular culture. He’s liable for making the multi-award-winning, culture-shifting program The Cosby Show, that is arguably one among the foremost important series in Yankee history. The entertainer has given the US positively, standard cartoons like very little Bill and Fat prince consort, the program a special World, written varied books, and recorded an excessiveness of musical and comedy albums. In 2014, allegations came to lightweight from quite a dozen girls that the comedian had sexually ill-treated them. Whereas the statute of limitations had passed for many of the cases, which means Cosby wouldn’t face criminal charges, the allegations seriously broken his name and semiconductor diode to NBC and Netflix canceling unfinished deals.


If you would like to actually read about Cosby’s prison experience from the horse’s mouth, he is also reportedly working on a book.

“I shouldn’t be here, but I’m here. But I will be able to write about it, write music about it,” he told his publicists, per The Washington Informer. “They can put you away, but they can’t take away your memory, your life experience.”

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