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A stain in your carpet? don’t rub it, it will only get worse.



How often does it happen, something goes over your carpet. How do you clean this? We notice that this is a major cleaning problem. This is something that many people don’t know how to do, or are afraid of doing wrong. To properly clean your rug, you must first understand how the material to be cleaned is composed. Most carpet consists of synthetic fibers of polyamide, polypropylene, polyester and acrylic. These synthetic materials are extremely strong and will hardly wear out. But what does happen is that they damage quickly and therefore get an ugly appearance.

When cleaning your rug, never try to rub it, this is one of the most common mistakes. Try to remove the stain as soon as possible by dabbing it on the rug. If you start rubbing the rug, you will only push the dirt deeper into the rug, so you can’t get it off at all. To start, pour lukewarm/warm water on the stain and dab it gently with a cloth, rag or towel. Work from the outside in. Also, really take your time when you are going to clean your rug. It is important that you give the cleaning agent time to work. On the other hand, the cleaning agent should not work too long on the rug, otherwise it could eat into it, causing other stains. This also depends on the PH value and effect of your cleaning agent, if it is too high or too low it can also cause damage. It is advisable to test the cleaning agent beforehand. Always test it in an inconspicuous area (e.g. under the sofa) to make sure the cleaner doesn’t fade or damage the carpet.

steam cleaner

While cleaning agents work very well on individual stains, a steam cleaner is also very useful. A power cleaner gives you the opportunity to clean the carpet as often as you find necessary. A handy tip for this is Sinner’s circle, this circle works with 4 factors.

  1. Time


    3.Mechanical labor agents

These factors all influence each other. As one factor gets bigger, the others get smaller. Example: There is a stain on your tile floor. You can then scrub very hard with a damp microfibre cloth Carpet cleaner near me. The movement factor is large; the factors of time, chemistry and temperature are smaller. If you add a little detergent to your microfiber cloth, you’ll have to scrub less hard and you’ll be done faster. The chemistry factor increases, the movement and time factors decrease.

You can also apply an interior cleaner and let it soak in according to the instructions for use. Then you mainly make use of the factors chemistry and (working) time. We recommend cleaning the carpet at least once a year, if you have pets or a large family, your carpet may need to be cleaned more often. This is to prevent fading and wear. If you need advice about the right steam cleaner, we are happy to assist you.


There are often dented spots in your carpet from, for example, a table, which you can also remove. You can easily solve this by ironing over your rug with an iron. Make sure that the carpet does not get too hot and burn. When your carpet has loosened up a bit, you can push it back up again.


To properly clean your carpet, you will probably use a detergent, preferably a powder detergent. These are usually more environmentally friendly than foam cleaners (often in aerosols with environmentally harmful propellants). The Cradle 2 Cradle range from Green Care Professional also includes a very good carpet cleaner “Tanet Karacho”. You can view all information about this product here.

Finally, the fringes of a beautiful carpet

Carpet fringes should absolutely not be combed with a hard plastic or metal comb because the threads will come loose. The best way is to just gently push the carpet up and then gently knock it back. If this does not work, a soft brush offers a solution. By gently brushing this, the wires will be straight again.