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A Success story of Hamza Hafed



Turning into a wealthy person appears to be an unprecedented objective; however tragically, it’s just a fantasy for the greater a part of us. The thing is, an enormous number didn’t begin accordingly. Some had financial and instructive points of interest, yet even without those, their keen choices and business decisions, additionally to a few key qualities, drove them to their billions.

Today we are going to tell you about a man who after 6 years of struggle has become a very good Social media star Comedian from UAE. And today his Video is included as one of the biggest You Tuber and comedian in United Arab Emirates. Yes, we are talking about Hamza Hafed, who was born on 31,10,1997, UAE.

Introduction of Hamza Hafed is very simple; he is a Youtube and Instagram star, on which he uploads many kinds of video recordings like short stories video, comedy-related video, and pranks videos. Individuals can purchase these videos with a permit. It is a major stage for guests people or visitors this page has one million plus traffic on daily bases.

He was involved in dramas from an early age and made a good impact early by his eye catching performances. However, as a youngster, he was more interested in humor and acting than in sports. Hamza Hafed was very interested in acting and comedy at the school level. He’d played a lot. The acting children perform in his school and have won several awards. He has a wide mix of facials, the gestures and physical actions in order to become a better performer.

Hamza Hafed realized he had an amazing talent in transforming his secondary education into a respectable story. It was the play area that planted the seed for its extraordinary talent, vocation. While he admits he wasn’t the coolest kid at school

How did you get into Social media? How long did it take you to stabilize your business?

Hamza Hafed said that “It took me six years to consolidate my business, and I learned a lot during my last six years of experience, I did countless experiments on my social media , I failed to get the desired result and I failed There was a lot to learn from, and then I always succeed after learning from my failure.”

Who Made You about Social media star? And how did you start working on it?

Hamza Hafed said that “I have heard from a lot of people and I also knew to some extent that Social media like YouTube and Instagram is a great way to make money. So I created a YouTube and Instagram account and started observing different things and then time and again, I learned a lot about social media. I also saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube and different other websites.

As you said, you have great experience in the business of Social media. So does what you have learned from personal experience which can be beneficial for other people?

Hamza Hafed said that, “I have opened a coaching center in my area where I teach people for free, from what I have learned from my experience. I guide them in every way and I tell them easy ways to succeed. How to make quick money from social media platforms, and those who can’t come to my coaching center, Yes, I arrange online classes for them. I try to teach as many people as possible. Because I can understand, due to lockdown, many people have no jobs and I want to help people.”