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Accessories for the Driver: 7 Essentials in the Car



Modern car accessories are not just stylish toys and other items that adorn the interior. Such elements are often indispensable in terms of comfort and safety while driving, especially for those who like traveling by car.

Unfortunately, manufacturers of modern cars don’t include absolutely all accessories in the basic equipment of the car, even if you pick up an exotic car rental Dayton Ohio. Such options can’t be purchased as an additional service, but the fact is that they really needed for the driver.

They may inform about the presence of various obstacles and radars, record everything that happens on the road, and also perform a number of other actions.

So, now we will talk about those accessories for cars that should be in the salon of any vehicle…

Digital Video Recorder

When driving in a vehicle various unforeseen situations may occur. At the same time, the presence of a video recorder will allow you to confirm your rightness in case of a traffic accident.

It’s very important to pay attention to the method and quality of mounting the device, as well as the video resolution. If the picture is low-detailed, nothing can be seen on it.

Parking sensors

For most car owners, parking maneuvers are the most difficult. Even drivers with a very impressive experience may have some problems in terms of putting the car in the right place, without hitting any obstacles. By using the parking sensor, this process is greatly simplified.

You will always know that you are approaching a certain object at a critical distance. This will help to avoid various collisions.

Sensors on such radars are characterized by increased power, so they respond to proximity in a timely manner. At the same time, the whole parking system is installed both in front and behind, so that the driver will be aware of all possible threats. All information can be seen in a convenient display. The option of sound alerts is also available.

GPS Navigator

Now it’s not necessary to consider the map in advance, choosing the suitable route for your upcoming trip. Modern navigators will do everything for you. Many new vehicles already have built-in full-time GPS navigators, but very often it’s necessary to buy the device separately. Anyway, it’s advisable to look at the route that the navigator offers, because sometimes the navigator may lead to the wrong place.

You should purchase this useful accessory for a car, especially if you often travel to unfamiliar places on your vehicle.

Modern devices have plenty of useful features – they will notify you of the need to turn right or left. A number of models are able to monitor traffic jams in the city, which will help you avoid wasting time in traffic jams.

Wide-angle mirrors

Such rear-view mirrors can significantly increase visibility for the driver. Their radius of action is 120 degrees, due to which the non-visible zones are significantly reduced.

There’s no need for the driver to shake his head, just look quickly at the mirror to assess the situation on the road. This is especially true when driving in large cities with increased traffic. If necessary, you can pick up a device of any color and design.

USB Adapters for connecting devices

The on-board network is connected to electrical devices mainly through the automotive power socket, so an adapter is often required to connect a mobile phone, tablet, and other devices.

But even if the car has a USB port, then the splitter is a very useful device. You can charge several smartphones at once, without having to disconnect a device that works directly from the cigarette lighter (for example, a navigator).

Portable Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a necessary accessory for the fans of long trips in hot weather. With this device, you can cool drinks and also increase the shelf life of food.

There are many refrigerators for vehicles, while the models differ in such parameters as:

  • principle of operation;
  • available options;
  • shape and volume;
  • design etc.

Depending on the characteristics of the refrigerator and your vehicle, such car accessories can be installed both in the cabin and in the trunk.

Radar detector

Recently, fines for speeding have been quite substantial. At the same time, law enforcement officers have an effective way of catching violators – these are radars.

At the same time, car owners came up with response devices – radar detectors. With the help of such car accessories, you can identify speed radars along the way.

There are many different types of radar detectors that are used in cars. Thus, it’s important to select a detector model that will allow you to detect as many vehicle speed tracking devices as possible. Of course, keep in mind that such devices can be illegal in some countries, so you will have to clarify all the necessary information in advance.

It’s worth noting that a radar detector is not a way to avoid fines for fast driving. On the contrary, such devices are designed to signal the approach to the most dangerous sections of the road, where the driver should be extra vigilant.

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