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Thunderbolt is a brand introduced by Intel in cooperation with Apple. It offers the functionality of connection with external devices. It was earlier known as Light Peak and released in 2011.

Thunderbolt 3 laptops use USB type-c connecting ports for the transfer of data but without all of the limitations that the type-c has. They support speeds up to 40gbps which is extremely efficient.


  • The Thunderbolt 3 allows the display to two UHD 4k displays using its Display port 1.2 video standards.
  • A major function that this platform supports is the connection to an external graphic’s card…….” yeah” and as flabbergasted you may be, it is the truth. Such a function isn’t widely available on other platforms and is a game-changer for those interested in professional gaming and how they can update their systems with time. Using this, an average computer can be connected to multiple low-end graphic cards to run software which could only be run by cards that are worth much more than these multiple low-end cards.
  • You can connect up to 6 devices using thunderbolt without losing transfer speeds in any of them. Time is a valuable commodity for certain industries so such functions can bring drastic changes to their revenues.
  • Flexibility is another valuable benefit. It offers the option to transfer power, video and data connection at the same instant.
  • Another significant advantage is the fact that the Thunderbolt 3 will not be updated for a while because the next upgrade, the thunderbolt 4, requires a major step up which takes ample time to execute even though it is backed by top companies like Intel and Apple.
  • Apple was the first company to adopt the thunderbolt 3 in all of its ports where you can charge your 85W rated laptop and transfer data simultaneously.


Now let’s take a look at how the Thunderbolt 3 and USB type-c differ as most of us would scratch our heads after being introduced to how these two are related.

The important thing to remember is that both of them do not support complete connectivity to the other’s docks although the thunderbolt uses the structure of the type-c. Not surprisingly, the thunderbolt has all of the type-c’s capabilities while it is not true the other way around.

Thunderbolt 3 combines its parent technology with the ease and access of USB type-c.

If you are not aware of Moore’s law, it states: “number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit double about every two years”. This law was written in 1965 and holds to this very day. This law indicates that technology keeps evolving proportionately to time and the thunderbolt 4 will be released someday outweighing every function of its predecessor so we must understand that this is the time for Thunderbolt 3 to overtake the USB type-c.

To sum up everything, we must accept that the thunderbolt is the superior platform, Apple has adopted it and the rest will surely follow.

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