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Alternatives to Autodesk Civil 3D



Autodesk Civil 3D

The lack of competition for some of Autodesk’s products means that the famous brand that created Autocad has licence prices that are often too high for a company to afford.

Gone are the years in which construction and project companies used pirated software, facing nowadays millionaire fines and having to dedicate an important part of their income to pay the corresponding software licenses they need to develop their activity.

In this post we are going to compare the two best alternatives to Autodesk’s Civil 3D, so that, as many companies already do, you can see that there is life beyond Autodesk.

There are two main competitors that act as alternatives to Autodesk Civil 3D: Istram and Bentley Inroads.


As its own creators boast, Istram BIM is arguably the best software for Civil Engineering. This company, with more than 30 years of experience, offers software specialised in the design, control and monitoring of civil engineering projects.

Licensing costs: their licensing prices are almost half those of their competitors (Civil 3D and Inroads). In addition, they offer the possibility of perpetual licensing, without having to pay subscription fees forever.

Languages: their main languages are Spanish and English, although they also offer other possibilities and are the most widespread in the Spanish-speaking market.

Conoce acerca del gran software BIM de Istram además de sus cursos de modelado BIM en su sitio web


Bentley’s InRoads suite offers engineers the power and flexibility to work on all their infrastructure projects. Inroads runs on Bentley’s flagship software product, Microstation.

Licence costs: it has a licence fee of around €2500 per month. Much cheaper than Autodesk’s licence, but substantially more expensive than Istram’s.

Languages: works mainly in English.


The most famous software of its kind, but not the best. Autodesk’s dominance in some of its niche markets means that they sometimes forget the users and have less flexibility and higher prices.

Licence costs: has a licence fee of more than €3,200 per month, by far the most expensive of the alternatives mentioned here.

Languages: They work mainly in English, although they offer multiple languages.


Users: Engineering firms, Consultancy firms, Construction companies, Public bodies, Professionals, Independents.

Studies: Civil Engineers, Public Works, Roads, Canals and Bridges, Topographers, Geomatics, Geotechnics, Hydraulics…

Positions: Designer, Draughtsman, Project Engineer, BIM Manager, Draughtsman, Project Manager, Project Manager, Project Manager, BIM Manager, BIM Manager, BIM Manager, BIM Manager, Project Manager, Layout Manager, BIM Manager… and all the derived positions

Departments: Layout, Geometric Design, Roads…

Interests: BIM, Projects, Road Infrastructure, Civil Infrastructure, Road Works, Linear works.