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American Inventurepreneur Launches World’s first Nutritive Oral Pouch



American inventurepreneur Peter St. Lawrence has invented something new to add to the traditional nutrient delivery systems of the day. Pills, gummies, powders, droppers etc. have welcomed a new family member, and it is in the form of a simple and efficient Oral Pouch.

Backing up for a brief moment, what is an “inventurepreneur”? Us covering tech and entrepreneurship have seen the emerging term gaining popularity over the past year, but what is it exactly?

 Inventurepreneur (noun). Someone who invents, creates, designs, develops, markets, sells and profits from their own innovations.

In short, take an inventor and entrepreneur and combine them. From what we’ve gathered so far it seems that inventurepreneurs put out simpler innovations that the majority of the World’s population can use now in their daily lives. We are not talking about futuristic high-level AI space tech here. These inventions tend to be market-ready or slated to be market-ready sooner than what traditional or more complex inventions are. It’s like taking the creative side and adding some pragmatic strategies to produce things that consumers will need in the next 2-5 years as opposed to projecting what they’ll need in the next 5-10 years. The development-to-market phase of the invention is shortened because all the skills needed to launch the thing are under the same roof.

St. Lawrence’s Oral Pouch is the product of PRO-DIP Energy®, now known as the patent-pending industry leader in nutritional Oral Pouch delivery system technology. The Company has recently signed distribution agreements with GNC and major Northeast distributor J. Polep. In 2019 the powerful investment group Palm Beach Capital joined Polep with fellow New York powerhouse distributor Harold Levinson Associates (HLA).  The acquisition of distribution at this level greatly adds to the Oral Pouch’s existing sales channels, significantly increasing the invention’s exposure in the U.S. and greater North American retail markets. According to, the upward growth and demand for new and innovative health products is projected to hit a staggering industry high of $166.5 billion in the U.S. by 2021. PRO-DIP Energy®’s timing of this expanded market reach may prove to be all the more impactful, as its projected to gain significant mainstream U.S. market share via Polep and HLA throughout Q3-Q4 of this year.

Exiting Google New York, Peter St. Lawrence stated;

“In this modern age we’re very fortunate to be among the few who are given the rare and special opportunity to pioneer something for the Global market. We’ve been supported by some major players in the industry that see the Oral Pouch emerging as a new category with too much upside to ignore. The applications seem infinite as the Pouch crosses over a multitude of industries and trade classes. Through PouchWorks we are now embarking on a mission to build something much greater than just a brand, we’re building an entirely new and efficient way to ingest nutrients. What started as an idea five years ago now feels like a life’s calling for everyone involved. We couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead. We’re here to serve-up useful innovations that people can use today. This is going to be an unbelievable ride and we’re all-in.”

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