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Automotive Features & Its Working Criteria



Software for managing vehicle, machinery, passenger, cargo, heavy transport and motorcycle dealerships, service workshops, warranties, and spare parts warehouse. Automotive software is aimed at dealerships of automobiles, motorcycles, heavy transport, passengers and machinery, service workshops, and spare parts warehouses. It is a 100% web application that allows you to efficiently and comprehensively control your sales management, service workshops, warranties, spare parts, and manage all the administrative parts of the company. 

The software for dealerships, Automotive software allows you to manage multiple agencies, offices, salesrooms, warehouses, warehouses in a synchronized way with information in real-time, which results in optimal attention and follow-ups of your clients and real decision making, efficient and timely. If you are a direct importer, the automotive software system has a complete import module that allows you to record and control the entire import process and link it to your inventory, both of vehicles, motorcycles, or machinery, as well as spare parts, controlling terms of negotiation, shipments, packing list, shipping ports, shipping companies, advances, international and national expenses, nationalization, import settlement and costing, reception.

  • Features

The automotive software system allows you to control all the dealership’s management from the pre-sale, placing the order to the headquarters, transit, to the delivery and post-sale service to the customer. Some of its main functionalities are: generate sales quotes, make quotes to your clients, know the exact location of the vehicles, generate and print formats, know the repair costs of your used ones and go through the billing process, etc.

The control inventory is one of the flashpoints in the warehouses of spare parts and auto parts, the software of automotive in its inventory modules; you can have real and absolute control of its spare parts warehouse and integrate it with the workshop if required, streamlining processes and minimizing time and costs. The software for spare parts warehouses allows defining in its parameterization: a family of items, inventory lines, discount letters of items, item marks, item prices & relation items with groups of catalogs, units of measure, volumes, and types of order.

This software efficiently handles orders to suppliers and customers, their cancellation, automatic backorder assignment, returns, billing, transfer between warehouses, management of substitutions, spare parts reservation and transfers to the workshop, and something extremely important, allows you to have online, in real-time all reports of inventory, orders, customers, sales, movements, stock balances, dead-end items, locations and much more. The system has the suggested order tool, which by applying mathematical formulation proven by large companies in the world and based on the general theory of inventory management, generates the suggested or optimal order to request from suppliers to achieve the efficient re-order point to have merchandise in the warehouse to serve customers.

  • Workshop

Your workshop needs to be organized and controlled; you need to have exact information regarding operating times, the productivity of your operators, the real profitability of your workshop, get all this, and much more with software for service workshops. The workshop control system allows managing the performance of the workshop operators; when the work order is created, the system automatically assigns for each operation of the order, the technician who, having the specialty of the operation, has less workload assigned, assigning the same technician for all the specialties that he supplies in the order.