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Bathroom Renovation Checklist: Everything You Need to Know



It gets really exciting when you renovate a bathroom. But, before jumping to picking feature tiles or a new mirror, you have to consider some critical factors so that your venture turns out only the manner in which you dream it. Since renovating a bathroom can be a big project, (not to mention tedious and expensive), we’ve arranged an agenda of some basic points to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Budget, budget, budget

In case you don’t know, you should stir up a thought of the amount you need to spend on your bathroom redesign. Setting a spending limit will help manage you as you settle on choices about what to incorporate into the rebuild. 

When you’ve made sense of what you should spend and deducted the sum dispensed to work, you’ll get a more of an idea of what amount of money you need to put on tiles, installations, fixtures and additional items. You’ll find some handy tools online that can give you instant bathroom renovation quotes which will certainly help.

How would you like your bathroom configured?

Next, you need to consider how you want your bathroom configured and laid out. Perhaps you want the bathtub to be in full display in the middle of the room, or maybe you need to hide the corner toilet behind the door, or you’re seeking hidden storage space? 

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions you should know whether you need to change the layout or enlarge or decrease the space you’re working with. 

If you do need to change the configuration, you will have to go through with a full bathroom renovation. However, if you don’t, the scope of work will be much less. To give you an example, replacing a bathtub with a new one will cost much less than having to install new plumbing in a different area of the bathroom.

Features and fixtures

No redesign or renovation is complete without features and fixtures. However, if you are updating your bathroom to sell your property, or if you’re renovating a rental property, don’t waste your money on luxury features and fixtures that may not be to the new buyers’ taste. Instead, choose budget-savvy options, or opt to makeover your bathroom rather than renovate through the following:

  • Replacing existing floor tiles with new tiles
  • Update your shower with new tiles and walls
  • Replace bathroom cabinet hardware
  • Add new bathroom paint or wallpaper
  • Replace or add new light fixtures

If your space is small, consider using large tiles to make the room feel larger. Smaller, mosaic tiles are a great option if you want to draw the eye to a detail or make the room feel cosy.

You can never have enough storage

We’ve already summarised this paragraph in the heading – but seriously, you can never have enough storage! Bathrooms look much more sleek and stylish when bottles, make-up and bath bits are kept behind cupboards or in drawers. 

On that vein of thought, ideally, you want everything within easy reach. Towel rails near the shower, toilet roll holders near the toilet etc. It sounds obvious, but a lot of people forget!

Final thoughts…

When you’ve considered all of the above points, you’ve worked out whether you need your bathroom reconfigured or a simple makeover would suffice, now it’s time to get online, search for online bathroom renovation quotes and choose a contractor to turn your dream into a reality! Good luck.

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