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Benefits of Switching From Natural Grass to Fake Grass



The interior of your property is not the only place that matters. You would go the extra mile to decorate the favorite corners of your living area for sure, but most people aspire to a great yard, but leave it in its dream state, because yard work is a back breaker. Well, not anymore! From now on, when you look outside your windows think green, a luxurious carpet of lush green, and you didn’t have to sweat over it. You’ll restart taking pride in welcoming guests to your lawn area and work on your exterior aesthetics. We guarantee it. And what will cause this change of heart? Synthetic turf. Yes, people love growing natural grass and spend several hours a day watering, mowing, pruning, primping and maintaining the landscape. But you don’t need to anymore when you have the joy that is, fake grass. Wichita landscaping by tree pros.

Installing fake grass instead of natural makes your overall property look just as visually appealing and there are several benefits fake grass can bring. Fake grass is an excellent technological advancement because it saves your money, and time and enhances your house and lawn.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it before shifting from one to another. If you need reasons, that’s reasonable. The following points should lead you to understand better why traditional options have evolved for your benefit.

The Benefits of Fake Grass

Do you want an appealing green ground for your kids to play, where you can relax with friends or family, or where your pets can roll around and get take in the sun? Fake grass fulfills precisely all those requirements and doesn’t cost that much in the long run. Plus no pet, child or grownup will track mud into the house from fake grass. Here are the best reasons to install artificial grass wherever required:

Aesthetic Appeal

Evenly installed fake grass with compact fibers makes the lawn look better, especially when you get a variety of colors to choose from. Where natural grass starts turning brown and takes away aesthetics, artificial turf maintains its beauty for years. The turf is evenly distributed and covers the area evenly.

Least Maintenance

Since there is no growth formulas or nutrients required to make your lawn green, you live carefree without worrying about cutting the grass uniformly or watering it daily. It takes the least maintenance time. After installing fake grass, all you have to do is clean the area with a stiff broom.


If you compare the cost incurred between natural grass and fake grass, there is a significant difference. The installation of artificial grass may take more money than planting real grass initially. But, once you start comparing the maintenance cost, the total spent on maintaining real grass raw for two years is equal to the initial fake grass installation cost. The only difference, synthetic grass will stay as-is for years after real grass has wilted and blown away. Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas, LLC offers a 10 year warranty of all turfs, and what’s more artificial grass is known to last as long as 25 years.


Many people think fake grass is not environmentally friendly but the raw materials used to manufacturer these grass rolls are eco-friendly. Moreover, despite the fluctuations in outside temperatures, your grass remains the same. First of all it doesn’t need constant watering like real grass does. Next, your lawn maintenance equipment such as mowers, strimmers, scarifiers, run on fuels (petrol and diesel) which emits greenhouse gases. The weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides you use to protect your real grass from pests and diseases are totally irrelevant to artificial turf. Fake grass is never toxic


Fake grass is better than natural grass, especially if you are likely to have heavy traffic. What usually happens when kids start playing on the ground? You find precious clumps of grass coming out and leaving small patches of naked earth that look unappealing. Artificial grass stays intact, does not dry with weather conditions, and keeps looking alive.


The grass is made of synthetic and non-toxic raw materials, nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Be it kids or the family pet, the ground is always safe to play in, if it’s fake grass. Also, since the turf is artificial, the chances of pollen allergies or other unsafe conditions are zero.

Pests Free

Grass with pests and insects seems normal because that is what we have always seen. But you don’t have to worry about bugs and mosquitos with fake grass! There’s no mud or soil that needs cleaning, or insects to spray (or pray) away. It also makes a safer environment for your kids. No insects mean no germs, and that is what you want for your children, right?

Stain Free

Another drawback of playing on natural grass is that it leaves a stain on the best of your clothes. You do not necessarily have to install fake grass if you have kids, you may want to lay down and look at the clouds and stars. There is no chlorophyll or green pigment in artificial grass that could transfer to clothes from the ground. So, you never have to worry about those impossible to remove green stains.

Why Not Choose Natural Grass?

We have been living with natural grass worldwide, which is great too. As long as it stays in the local parks. But if you talk about your house lawns or sports fields, there is no better choice than fake grass.

Why do we grow grass? To beautify the surroundings of your house, right? But maintaining natural grass the way you want requires excessive water fertilizers, pesticides, and mowing. And if you have a busy schedule, you’d need an additional expense of a gardener or a neighborhood kid. And despite the effort and budget you spend on the landscape, heavy rain, insects, moisture, shady areas, and many other factors can bring you down in a jiffy.

In contrast, fake grass stays the same despite the extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic.

The Key Points for Choosing Fake Grass Over Natural Grass


Cost isn’t just limited to the installation budget only but maintenance too. The lawn or land surrounding your property is a good investment to increase curb appeal. So while doing so, think about the long-term investments.

The cheapest fake grass starts from $1.90 – $6.75/ sq. ft and goes up to $5.05 – $5.83/ sq. ft. and that varies with the quality of yarns you choose and further includes the other upfront costs. But once that’s done there are no additional charges to upkeep your lawn. Natural grass is a whirlpool, it’s all about spending and spending, and then some more expenses.


Do you know about the weather conditions for the next year or the year after that? People don’t, not even weather satellites can get it that precise. This is where fake grass wins again. Extreme heat or rainfall, wind or snow, nothing ruins the texture, quality, or look of artificial grass. Almost all of us have seen what happens to natural grass due to inclement weather. Broken blades of grass, oozing mud, and, at times, puddle induces potholes. Often with heavy rain, people have to pump out water from low-lying lawns and that too costs a lot of money. But we already know fake grass is a money saver.

Since we are discussing the texture, let’s all talk about color longevity. Fake grass has a UV protective coating that prevents color fading with sunlight. On the other hand, if you neglect natural grass, it loses all its attraction, and takes double the effort to get back to its original state.

Final Thoughts

These key factors should help you decide if a switch from natural grass to fake grass makes sense or not. If you are a nature-lover, find yourself one with all things flora or fauna, and like maintaining the grass yourself, it is okay to have natural grass despite its drawbacks. But if you are one of the rest of us regular folk, go s the benefits yourself.

Mudassar Hassan brings 8 years of experience in helping grass roots, mid-sized organizations and large institutions strengthen their management and resource generating capacities and effectively plan for the future. He is also a mentor and professional advisor to artists working in all disciplines. He is also the gold medalist from Abbottabad University of Science and Technology in the Bachelors of Sciences of Computer Science and recently Graduated from the University of Bolton with Masters in International Management.