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Activated charcoal has proved to be one of the most effective substances to remove impurities. Due to its highly porous surface area, bacteria, germ, mold, etc. easily adhere to its surface. Having numerous industrial applications, activated carbon charcoal has become an essential part of environmental supplies of these days. It is extracted from carbon-rich materials such as wood, peat, count, and bamboo. These raw materials are heated at high temperatures, and the residue is then oxygenated to yield high-quality charcoal, i.e., Activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is used in the manufacturing of different kinds of drugs and medications. It acts as a natural detoxifying agent and is used by many pharmaceutical companies to incorporate in their medicine. Other than medication, it also acts as an important part of our daily health care products. Many consumer goods being used today, incorporates activated charcoal as a significant ingredient. To maintain oral hygiene, activated charcoal is also added in toothpaste by different brands, helping in getting rid of tooth plagues, bacteria, and germs. Skincare products contain activated carbon within them. It provides your skin with a glowing and vibrant look by eliminating dirt, dust, and bacteria. Having exceptional uses, activated charcoal has proved to be an essential environment supply for the water purification sector as well. Due to its unique properties of removing impurities, pollutants, and contamination, it is also being used as an essential resource to treat water. Not only commercially, but many home filtration systems also incorporates activated charcoal in its process of filtration. Let us look at the benefit of using activated charcoal in water filtration systems.

How charcoal removes impurities from water

Activated charcoal is widely used in water filtration systems to remove harmful bacteria, germs, dirt, and other harmful microorganisms. It also works exceptionally well in getting rid of bad odor/smell present in water.  When water is passed through the bed of activated charcoal, impurities that are present in water adheres to the surface of the charcoal. The quality of the purification process mainly depends on the rate at which water is passed through the charcoal bed. For the process to be effective, it is recommended to pass water at a low rate. In this way, the chances of impurities getting adhered to charcoal bed increases. Therefore, among many environment supplies used for water purification, an activated charcoal filter is one of the most effective and useful resources being used today.

Chemical Adsorption process of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal filters impurities based on two functions – Chemical adsorption or physical absorption.  Millions of pores that are on the surface of activated charcoal capture impurities within them. Some contaminants may get adsorbed by activated charcoal. Both are different from each other such that adsorption means that impurities just permanently stick to the surface of the charcoal.

Moreover, in the process of adsorption, there is no chemical bonding the impurity and the carbon molecules of activated charcoal. However, in the process adsorption, impurities such as free sodium, lead ions, etc., are trapped by carbon molecules following a chemical change. This change doesn’t alter the process, nor does it affects the filtration process of water. Carbon being a nontoxic material, doesn’t affect or alter water properties anyhow.  So, in this way, impurities such as dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms are removed from the water. However, activated charcoal filters are not invincible and need to be replaced on timely bases. Impurities that are prone to get attracted by adsorption are organic compounds and chlorine-based, which may be present in water. If you are looking for the best quality environmental supplies, consider visiting our site. At Enviro Supply & Service, we offer our customers the finest quality of activated charcoals.

What makes activated charcoal a good water cleansing agent

Clean water is important for a body to function optimally. However, many toxins and additives that may be present in the drinking water may negatively affect your body’s health.  One way to ensure that you are drinking clean water is that by installing a water filtration based on activated carbon filters. Charcoal filters work exceptionally well in removing toxicants and harmful impurities present in your drinking water.  Let us look at the health benefit of using activated charcoal filters.

The Benefits of Using a Charcoal Filter

Water is not just made of oxygen and hydrogen. However, many other essential minerals must be present in your water to make it drinkable. Moreover, certain compositions must be removed from the water before consuming it. There are a lot of chemical and mechanical methods that are used to treat water, making it drinkable. One of the most profound ways among them is using a carbon filter based filtration system. Activated charcoal, due to its unique properties, has proved to be one of the most effective methods of removing harmful impurities present in water. Having a porous structure, activated charcoal can attract unhealthy organic compounds that are present in water. For this, carbon filters are widely used in water filtration plants and also in home-based filtration systems.

It improves the taste and remove bad odor

Charcoal acts as a natural detoxifying agent and helps to remove bad odor from water. Treating water with chlorine is an efficient way of killing germs and bacteria that are present in water. However, this process adds a specific smell to water – Making it unsuitable for public health. Carbon filters, due to its unique feature, efficiently remove any bad odor present in water. Additionally, carbon adds certain ions to water, approving its quality

A cheap OPTION – easy to maintain

Unlike many other water filtration techniques that are used these days, a carbon filter is a much cheaper option available. When it comes to treating water and freeing it from impurities, activated charcoal is the most affordable option you can look for.  It is easy to maintain, and you don’t need to replace your old ones with the new ones. Whether you are running a commercial water filtration or only willing to use activated charcoal for your home-based filtration system, you can get all at Enviro Supply & Service. Having numerous satisfied customers, we are one of the preeminent environment supplies providers in the USA. We offer all high quality and reliable environmental supplies at affordable prices.

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