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Best Awarded Blogger M. Tanveer Nandla Reveals his Secrets for Success



From a small-town boy to a nationally acclaimed Blogger, M. Tanveer Nandla has come a long way!

Nandla was a young man full of energy in college time, but he didn’t know what his passion is. He wanted to be successful like everyone else and live the life people would envy him for. However, that wasn’t the case until one day when Nandla realized how much potential he has inside himself; even if others don’t see it yet because they are blinded by mediocrity which exists everywhere around us. That realization helped him understand who he really wants to become: someone with wings who can fly high above any obstacles present on this earth!

  • Tanveer Nandla is a unique success story with no villain because of his mindset towards achieving dreams and never settling for mediocrity. His best quality was solving issues in an impactful way which he did both to himself as well as those around him.

The protagonist of the story was born with a heart decease. To his surprise, he survived and led an exciting life filled with blessing from Allah (SWT). He finished high school in his village before enrolling into computer studies at university. At this young age, many are thinking about their next big purchase but not him; he knew what direction to head towards long ago. His journey began on Nandla Street where everything would soon change for the better because God had plans for him.

Orkut opened doors of opportunities for this young man. He has been able to make the most out of his passions and dreams, which were fulfilled on an online platform that he started with his friends in 2006. Since then, all these years have seen him growing into a successful blogger who is earning through different channels besides blogging about life hacks as well!

Four years after he started earning a six-figure salary from online means, the time had transformed him into a man who understood that future is not about anything but digital marketing. He decided to focus more on earning online and worked so hard. In 2019 Nandla was awarded title of “Best Blogger of Pakistan” by Peshawar Board as well as World Bank.

  • Tanveer Nandla said “In 2006, I got familiar with Google’s product Adsense and later started instilling knowledge in young adults. Thanks to my hard work and dedication, today I am proud of imparting one-of-a kind digital marketing studies that help students achieve success.”

Get ready to expand your knowledge on digital marketing! If you want a first-hand experience from an influencer, don’t miss this opportunity. Follow him at Instagram and Facebook link for more information