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Best Laptop for Adobe Illustrator



From the sound of the word ‘illustration,’ you will get the idea that involves digital manipulation and presentation of images and graphics. To achieve it, you need a purpose-built application. The adobe illustrator is one such and the best program. Being marketed by the American computer software company Adobe Inc., the program requires an efficient laptop to install and run on. There are different best 2 in 1 laptop under 600 available that are best for adobe illustrator. If you already know about the laptops, you can likely come with one that best suits your work, and if not, here are few tips to pick the best laptop for adobe illustrator for you to follow.

  1. ASUS VivoBook Pro 17

ASUS VivoBook Pro is the best laptop for adobe illustrator with 8th Generation Intel Core latest processor is at the core of its design that will give you an unprecedented performance quality. Cache – 8m cache will provide you with a maximum speed of 4.6GHz that is quite efficient for illustration work. The dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card will complement the execution speed of your productive media tasks.

Design – you would like the laptop at first sight. The 17-inch screen adds to the look of its sizeable elegant design. It might make the computer appear even more impressive. Maximum 1TB hard drive capacity gives more than enough space for the installation of adobe illustrator.

If you are going to you’re a laptop not only for graphic design but for other creative projects as photo editing, manipulations, digital drawing, etc. check out top laptops for Photoshop at affordable prices and with enough RAM for work.


The battery will last only a few hours. It might affect the longer-lasting illustration work. 17.3-inch big display adds to the weight of the laptop, and if you like thinner and lighter laptops, it is not the one for you. GPU could have been even faster. You can buy the laptop only in on-line stores.

  1. New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple resonates with the quality, and from it, you can get the best laptop for adobe illustrator in design and functioning. The Intel Core processor allows efficient processing. A maximum of 16GB RAM complements its performance. The design is hard and very compelling. 15.4-inch screen dimension leaves the laptop to be very much portable. The extended battery life allows you more time to execute your work with ease.


Apple markets its products at premium prices, so the laptop is expensive to buy. The laptop is an upgrade of the previous version, with only a few minor additions. It has no SD card slots. It has no ‘MagSafe’ power connector. You might find the ‘Touch Bar’ largely unnecessary for you.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

The 8th generation processor adds to the performance benefits. The 8GB RAM complements its performance even further. It has a perfect battery timing – one of the requirements of the vibrant media artwork. The new matte-black design makes Microsoft Surface Pro 6 probably the 2-in-1 best laptop for adobe illustrator. It comes with a stunning and pen-friendly display.


Unlike its rivals, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 lacks USB Type-C port. With separate Type Cover keyboard and Surface pen costs, the laptop stays a bit expensive. It is not as light in weight as its competitor from Apple. The battery life could have been even better.


If you’re into adobe illustrator and looking to enhance your skills as a graphic designer, then laptops mentioned above are the best laptops for adobe illustrator. There are a variety of best 2 in 1 laptop under 600 available in the market; you can run adobe illustrator and enjoy gaming.

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