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Best Skylink TV Antenna



The SkyLink Antenna guarantees to assist you to gain access to over 100 of your favorite channels in 1080 high-definition, as well as TV shows, local news and weather, and live sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, etc.).

This last technology was developed by a NASA scientist victimization military technology to deliver dual-band reception (VHF/UHF with 20 DB gain) from up to 50 miles away, anyplace within the United States. Once it comes all the way down to it, are you able to expect such spectacular results with a Skylink Tv Antenna reviews, or do you have to take into account different choices if you’re searching for freedom from costly cable bills? Is it the #1 rated indoor HDTV antenna in America.

You’ll simply get to begin by connecting the antenna to the rear of your TV’s concentrical receiver, so positioning on the wall, window, behind an image frame, on a shelf, or where you get the simplest reception using the enclosed tape, which is able to “depend on the geological surroundings.” Finally, you may perform a channel scan with the antenna chosen as your supply and enjoy your free content.


We like our TV to be crystal-clear. We want a TV. SkyLink TV supports 1080p, therefore if TV is available, you’ll have it right on your Tv screen. Heaps of readers asked concerning the flexibility of this product.

And all we’ve to mention is that this antenna is that the high alternative for indoor TV antennas.

Discreet military technology was poured into this TV antenna to confirm that it’s 3 things:

  • Powerful
  • Discreet
  • Durable

Razor-thin in size, this antenna is all black, and incorporates a size of simply 230 x 102 millimeter with a weight of simply eighty-six grams – that’s spectacular.

We have experimented with putting the TV antenna everywhere:

  • Windows
  • Under cabinets
  • Behind image frames

There’s even a stand enclosed. You’ll be able to place the antenna on the stand, and you’ll begin receiving the highest TV stations on the earth.

How Does Skylink TV Antenna Work?

From a high-level perspective, digital antennas like SkyLink work like their old-school rabbit ear counterparts. In different words, they receive signals floating around within the air, translate them into a usable image, and so build these pictures seeable on your TV screen.

As you would possibly imagine, the foremost important distinction is that rabbit ears were designed to select up analog signals, whereas more modern models receive digital signals. this is often as a result of the Digital Transition and Public Safety Act of 2005, that went into result on March thirty-one, 2009, that stipulated that everyone signals broadcast by major networks (e.g., ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, The CW, etc.) had to be transmitted in an exceedingly digital format.

The advantage is that viewers will receive abundant higher quality digital pictures, compared to analog. In fact, as a result of no compression happens because it will with a standard cable box, the image quality might be even higher with an antenna.

Most digital antennas are restricted to a variety of concerning 50 miles or less, though, that the specific range of channels you’ll have access to depend on your proximity to them.

Also, as shortly mentioned on the SkyLink Antenna website, the signal quality you’ll ultimately receive will depend upon a large type of vital factors, as well as tower distance, any options which may scramble signals (e.g., trees, hills/mountains, tall buildings, etc.), additionally because the antenna’s placement in your home (e.g., within the basement vs. on the within of an higher floor window).

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