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Brownsville Museum of Fine Art Presents a Solo Exhibition by Bartosz Beda



The exhibition at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art brought over 30 pieces curated together into one solo exhibition. The Greek myth of Sisyphus inspires Paramount of Eternity solo exhibition. Sisyphus was a Greek king whose suffering involved pushing an enormous rock up a steep peak, only to discover it falling back down when he neared the top.

The main room of the Brownsville Museum has three big paintings on display with smaller works on paper on the side room. The other main exhibition space, present medium and small art on canvas and paper

Exhibition Inspired by Greek Myth

“Paramount of Eternity” is the title of Bartosz Beda chose for this exhibit at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. The inspiration for these paintings are loosely based on the ancient Greek myth of the King of Corinth, Sisyphus.

The story, in a nutshell, was Sisyphus incurred the wrath of Zeus for informing the river god, Asopus that a mighty eagle had carried his daughter, Aegina, to a nearby island. When Zeus learned what Sisyphus had told Asopus, he sent the king to Hades to forever roll a large stone uphill only to have it fall back on him before he could place it on top of the hill.

In Mr, Beda’s own words, he said: ” My work was always related to history, politics and social changes. This exhibition is no different.

In Mr, Beda’s own words, he said: ” My work was always related to history, politics and social changes. This exhibition is no different.

This time, I am focusing on women’s voices and rights- especially in this recent political climate. The fact that [ like in the tale of Sisyphus] the stone keeps rolling back down the hill may not be necessarily a bad thing; it is a work in progress when each time the rock represents new changes.

As a society, we learn to make progress. This progress through political and social decisions can be reversed and put pressure on people.

That rock represents issues and progress in our contemporary world. Sisyphus represents us in our inability and limitations to make that rock stay on top of the hill.” Wrote by Karl Lieck, a curator at Brownsville Museum.

Exhibition Dates:

Solo exhibition by Bartosz Beda is open between 10th July and September 8th, 2019.

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