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Buy American or Buy Offshore: Best Way to Hire A Clipping Path Company



There is a popular slogan in the United States: Buy American. Similar slogans are available in other countries as well. Such As:

Buy Canadian

Buy Domestic

Support Your Local Farmers

Support Your Local Economy

And so on.

However, when it comes to running a business, can a photographic studio or an advertising company in the USA or Canada afford to pay $20 for editing a single image? An offshore clipping path service provider company offers the same editing or clipping for $1 – $3. Which company in their right state of mind will hire a local graphic designer or retouch studio being inspired by patriotism?

Answer is: no one.

Why Companies Go Offshore for Business Process Outsourcing?

Like it has just been mentioned, it’s the cost. Domestic labor cost a lot. Employee salary or hourly wages are set by the government is part where government enacts the minimum wage law. Other wages and salaries are set by the companies based on the local standard of living as well as industry standard for similar jobs.

More technical the job is, higher the salaries are for that position. More experienced the person is in the job; higher the salaries are as well. For example, a clipping path service provider, whether it is an individual freelancer or a company, has five to ten years of experience in the related area. It is only natural to expect that the person or company will charge for the job they do based on their expertise.

A clipping path freelancer who started just yesterday cannot charge the same as people who have been doing it for the last decade or two. So experienced employees cost a lot in the developed countries. By going offshore, companies can save huge deal of money each year that adds to the bottom-line profit for that company.

How to Communicate with An Offshore Company?

While finding the skilled labor is not an issue when it comes to hiring an outsourcing partner, communication can sometimes be off a little challenge. A Canadian or American company hiring a freelancer from India or Bangladesh can find skilled labor at affordable cost, but communication can suffer due to time difference.

Depending on the time zone, there can be ten to twelve hours of time difference between two countries. When it is the work day for a company in the United States, it is night at the offshore country. Not only there is no local phone dialing, due to the time difference, no cone can be contacted directly at the late hour.

Only way of communication with most of these companies is email communication. However, some of the local USA or Canadian companies offering clipping path or invisible mannequin photography editing services are located within the country that have offshore production studios. If you can find a company like that, it is best to work with those companies for your outsourcing needs.

These domestically operated outsourcing companies with offshore office will offer local phone and email support during your normal business hours. This makes life really easy for companies that have demanding workflow as they can get the questioned answered in real time and get their work done quicker.