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Buy Your Events Tickets Early and Cheaper With Presale Codes and Passwords



Presale passwords are utilized on Ticketmaster and Livenation allowing entertainment fans to obtain tickets for events before they are available to most other people. Presale tickets are sold to members of the newsletter, members of the fanclub and sometimes also to other communities like Spotify users.

Quite a few presale passwords only be of use to those that use American Express or certain other credit cards, presale only work for people with an Amex, so they can purchase the tickets.

CITI does this as well and supplies bank cards which may be used in a CITI presale to purchase quantities of tickets if you’ve got the proper kind of card (ie one provided by CITI).

The reason for a presale is to get your hands on concert tickets. You have to have a password to shop for early tickets in a presale. There are various places to search for a password for the presale which your are presently looking for.

The most impressive resources that we have located so far for presale passwords are


WiseGuys Presale Passwords

For a long time, they have been publishing presale code information – they offer a money-back guarantee and they are able to help you to purchase tickets early.

Often ticket buyers ask us questions like “Just how many tickets are typically in a presale?” or “Exactly how many tickets are left over for the public to buy when all the presales are concluded?”

Actually the music business never publicly broadcasts exactly how many of the tickets are in fact distributed to Amex or CITI cardholders. Once the venue distributes several thousand for their newsletter, twitter and Facebook campaigns swallow thousands more. Every brand has a fan club and those members get the great seats close to the stage – if the band doesn’t decide to sell them to ticket brokers directly for quick cash.

After all this – there isn’t all that many tickets left over.

As low as 10% of gig tickets for a concert are sold to the public.

Why are there such a small number of tickets offered to the public?

In keeping with our study there seem to be quite a few motives why promoters distribute tickets in this manner: Increasing their net profit is definitely a driving factor. Businessmen need to earn cash, and event promoters are certainly no different.

Bands often scream “it should be all about the music” but you never hear them moaning when they’re on the road to packed stadiums and million-dollar paydays.

The following articles cover in great detail the dodgy working practices of this industry. Without making use of the presale method to obtain event tickets your odds are pretty slender.

The moral of the story: Presales beat Public Sales

If you want the best chance of acquiring tickets, it isn’t wise to wait for the public tickets to go on sale. Get your tickets as early as possible and be glad that you have actually got a seat to see your favorite band. If you would like to put a good strategy to work, you could even obtain a few tickets during the presale period, try to acquire others in the public sale and IF you can sell the others, you will make a little bit of profit yourself.

With the demand increasing and costs getting higher and higher you will be happy to get through the doors of an event these days and if you’re able to subsidize the fee for your own tickets by becoming a ticket reseller yourself, the power to you!

How many tickets get sold in the pre-sales?

Ninety percent of Justin Bieber’s gig tickets were swallowed up by presales, insiders, fan club members and special credit cardholders.

A feature in the New York Post stated:

Fans that were locked out of the sold-out One Direction concert at New Jersey’s Izod Center were extremely disappointed – demoralized even.

Even before concert tickets went on sale to the general public, merely 32% (4,474) of the 13,687 concert tickets were made available to the every day One Direction fans. The bulk already earmarked for fan club members, insiders, presales and members of the band.

While fans are essentially left in the dark with regards to how tickets are allocated (can you see why?), many the event tickets are allocated to fan club members, the artists, record labels, talent agencies and tour sponsors, as reported by the Fan Freedom Project, a Washington DC based coalition backed by Stubhub, the secondary market seller.

No seats at all left for the everyday fan in public on-sale.

In a further example from 2011, a tour was arranged for LCD Sound System. Now, when a band like LCD Sound system goes on tour or stages a residency, promoters like Live Nation or Bowery Presents manage them.

These promoters assist in deciding exactly where they will hold gigs, and even more interestingly, how tickets are going to be priced and distributed, normally by way of presale programs for companies like American Express and CITI and allotments (hold) for industry insiders.

This is certainly where the vast majority of seat tickets are sold, and usually merely 46 percent of tickets remain for the general public and fans.

Some folks get enraged once they see just how few concert tickets are allocated for the public.

So where exactly do the remaining portion of the pre-sale tickets go to?

The concert venue itself ie Red Rocks Ampitheatre or Madison Square Gardens or the like, will get its share of the fees and ticket sales, whilst the distributors – Ticketfly, Axa or Ticketmaster – function as the chief market, earning their cut through their charges for some $25 billion per year.

The majority of these major ticket distribution companies very often allow, and even urge, purchasers to sell on seat tickets, on their own platforms. This means the ticket company earns a profit each time. Double-dipping wouldn’t you say? Possibly, it depends on exactly who you put the question to.

Its the industry insiders who cause the most trouble by securing piles of tickets under or at face value but who resell those tickets on marketplace sites such as StubHub or Ticketmaster.

If you’re looking for tickets good luck, and don’t forget, if you can, get your event tickets early by using


WiseGuys Presale Passwords