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Buying a Car within Budget



Even for entry-level vehicles, buying a car is a big expense. If there are certain financing aids (scrapping bonus, conversion bonus), for many buyers it is often necessary to take out consumer credit to become the owner of a new vehicle.

Representing 9.9% of annual household consumption in 2015, the French transport budget continues to climb from year to year. The cost of purchasing vehicles, new or used, was up 5.8% in the same year, more than any other item of household expenditure. However, it is possible to stay within the limits of one’s budget by taking the time to compare the differences between the models. If the purchase cost is often an important factor of choice, the cost of maintenance or fuel consumption must also be taken into account.

Should I buy new or used?

Generally, a used car will cost less to buy than a new car. Under the guise of a good deal, watch out for unpleasant surprises (mechanical problems, hidden faults, etc.), the additional cost of which can quickly wipe out the savings saved by opting for an opportunity.

If it will cost more initially, a new car will be much more advantageous in maintenance. Indeed, with mechanical parts with a limited lifespan (timing belt, shock absorbers, tires, etc.), a used car will have a higher maintenance cost than a new one from the moment of purchase. It is all the more true that a new vehicle is covered from the purchase by the manufacturer’s warranty (generally for 2 years).

Petrol Diesel or Electric?

Petrol or diesel? A question that many buyers ask but that has no obvious answer … Less expensive to buy than a diesel car, a patrol car will be more expensive at the pump, all the more so than a diesel has a lower consumption . Besides that, the vehicle will often be more expensive to repair, the cost of spare parts being higher.

What about electric cars? Promoted to individuals by the existence of the conversion premium, electric vehicles remain among the most expensive cars, although prices are gradually falling. It is maintenance, less restrictive than for a thermal car, which gives the advantage to these ecological vehicles. Are you planning to buy a cheap new car for yourself or a family member? Are you hesitating between new and used cars because of the price? Caroom gives you the tips for the best prices and advises you on your approach. City car, station wagon, SUV? There are so many models, styles and brands that it is not always easy to find the vehicle that suits you. The purpose of this section of the Carom guide is to help you choose the best car according to your needs.

The articles in this buying guide give you tips on how to choose your new car. The easiest way is to use automotive comparators to get an overview of different models. The goal of any buyer is to find the best value for money. In these articles we have put together all of our tips for buying a cheaper new car, such as negotiating with dealers and importers.